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All abstracts by Mostafa Fayek in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Recent Uranium Mobility in the Kiggavik Region, Nunavut, Canada: Implications for the Effects of Glaciation on a DGR
Burron I, Fayek M & Brown J

(2020) Extreme Sulfur and Iron Isotope Fractionation in Pyrites from Cretaceous Sediments, Central Apennines, Italy
Gyomlai T, Fayek M, Ferrini V, Mignardi S & Devito C

(2019) Recycling of Archean Sulfur from the Proterozoic Kiggavik Uranium Deposit, Nunavut, Canada
Fayek M, Shabaga B, Quirt D & Ledru P

(2013) Ion Imaging of Biogenic and Abiogenic Mineral Surfaces
Fayek M

(2012) New Data on the Cenozoic Epithermal Uranium Concentrations at Nopal Deposit, Mexico
Angiboust S, Fayek M, Power IM, Camacho A, Calas G & Southam G

(2012) U Distribution and Speciation in Fe-Bearing Alteration Minerals at the McArthur River U-Deposit
Durocher J, Schindler M, Fayek M, Ng R, Kyser K & Jiricka D

(2011) Uranium Speciation in Opals from the Nopal I Deposit (Mexico)
Othmane G, Allard T, Menguy N, Vercouter T, Morin G, Calas G & Fayek M

(2010) Chemical, Isotopic and Structural Features Associated with Mineral-Fluid Systems Far from Equilibrium
Cole D, Labotka T, Fayek M, Utsunomiya S, DeAngelis M & Anovitz L

(2010) An Experimental Study of the Diffusion of C and O in Calcite in Mixed CO2-H2O Fluid
Labotka T, Cole D, Fayek M & Chacko T

(2010) A Global Survey of Oxygen Isotopes of Uranium Ores
Horita J, Fayek M & Ripley E

(2010) O and H Diffusion in Uraninite: Implications for Fluid-Uraninite Interactions and Nuclear Forensics
Fayek M, Anovitz L, Cole D & Bostick D

(2008) Coupled Cation and O Isotope Exchange in Alkali Feldspar
Labotka T, Cole D & Fayek M

(2008) Extreme Sulfur Isotope Variation in the Dry Creek Massive Sulfide Deposit, East-Central Alaska
Slack J, Ridley I, Dusel-Bacon C & Fayek M

(2007) O Isotope Exchange during the Breakdown of Dolomite: An Experimental Study
Labotka T, DeAngelis M, Cole D, Fayek M, Riciputi L, Ushikubo T, Kita N & Valley J

(2005) Mineral Reaction Interfaces and Associated Porosity Generation
Cole D, Labotka T, Larson P, More K, Kenik E, Fayek M, Stadermann F & Riciputi L

(2005) „Hydration‰ of Rhyolitic Glasses: Comparison between High- and Low-Temperature Processes
Anovitz L, Riciputi L, Cole D & Fayek M

(2005) Natural Uranium Getters in Near Surface Environments at the Nopal I Deposit, Peña Blanca, Mexico
Fayek M, Utsunomiya S, Ewing R & Simmons A

(2005) Characterization of Nd, Te and U Isotope Ratios in Uraninite Using SIMS
Fayek M & Palenik CS

(2005) Experimental Approaches to Predict the Behavior of Liquid Films
Palmer D, Anovitz L, Cole D, Fayek M, Gruszkiewicz M, Riciputi L, Wesolowski D & Wilson L

(2002) Coupled Cation and Oxygen Exchange between Alkali Feldspar and Aqueous Chloride Solution
Labotka T, Cole D, Fayek M & Riciputi L

(2002) A New Method for U-Pb Isotopic Analyses of Uranium Oxide Minerals by SIMS
Fayek M, Riciputi LR & Kyser TK

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