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All abstracts by Chung-Che Wu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Isotopic 238U-234U-232Th-230Th Analysis Using LA-ICPMS for Direct U/Th Dating of Millennium Stalagmites
Wu C-C, Shen C-C, Günther D & Bodo H

(2021) A High-Sensitivity in situ 230Th-232Th-234U-238U Age Determination Approach Using LA-ICPMS
Wu C-C, Shen C-C(, Günther D & Bodo H

(2018) Western North Pacific Monsoon Variability Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Partin J, Quinn T, Shen C-C, Erb M, DiNezio P, Okumura Y, Siringan F, Cardenas MB, Thirumalai K, Lin K, Wu C-C, Banner J, Hu H, Jackson C & Taylor F

(2016) Decipher 1991 Coral Mortality Episode via Geochemistry Approach
Wu C-C, Shen C-C, Chang C-C, Chou Y-M, Wang C-Z, Chung S-L, Pallister J, Lam DD & Yu K

(2016) Variability of the Western Pacific ITCZ over the Past Three Glacial-Interglacial Cycles
Liu Y, Lo L, Shi Z, Wei K-Y, Wu C-C, Mii H-S, Chuang C-K, Amakawa H & Shen C-C

(2016) Absolute Dated Greenland Interstadials Recorded in Stalagmite from Southern Turkey
Baykara MO, Mii H-S, Huang CY, Wu C-C & Shen C-C

(2016) Stalagmite-Based Climate Variability Reconstruction of the Subtropical Northwest Pacific Region from Gyokusen Cave in Okinawa-Jima, the Ryukyu Islands, Japan
Asami R, Uemura R, Miyata H, Jin-Ping C, Wu C-C & Shen C-C

(2016) Exploring the Limit of ICPMS in Space and Time and Mass
Hattendorf B, Burger M, Wu C-C, Shen C-C, Hendriks L, Gundlach-Graham A, Schwarz G & Günther D

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