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All abstracts by Jon Woodhead in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Tungsten-182 and Neodymium-142 Evidence for an Ancient Kimberlite Source
Nakanishi N, Carlson RW, Horan MF, Giuliani A, Woodhead J, Pearson DG & Walker RJ

(2020) Kimberlite Magmatism in Finland: Distinct Sources and Links to the Breakup of Rodinia
Dalton H, Giuliani A, Phillips D, Hergt J, Maas R, Woodhead J, Matchan E & O'Brien H

(2020) Lithospheric Serpentinites Dominate the Global Halogen Cycle
Kendrick M, Danyushevsky L, Falloon T, Arculus R & Woodhead J

(2019) Petrogenesis of Arc Lavas: Lessons from Bougainville Island
Hergt J, Woodhead J & Johnson W

(2019) LA or ID? Exploring the Limits of in situ U-Pb Carbonate Geochronology Using Speleothems
Woodhead J & Petrus J

(2019) Halogens in Subduction Zones and the Earth's Mantle
Kendrick M, Danyushevsky L, Falloon T, Woodhead J, Arculus R & Ireland T

(2018) Advances in Zircon Geochronology by LA-Icp-TOF-MS
Rittner M, Borovinskaya O, Tanner M, Danyushevsky L, Thompson J, Van Malderen S & Woodhead J

(2017) LA-ICPMS U-Pb Carbonate Dating Based on Image Mapping
Drost K, Petrus J, Chew D & Woodhead J

(2017) Iron Isotopes from EM1 to HIMU: Processes vs Source Inheritance and Pyroxenite vs Carbonatite
Nebel O, Sossi P, Davies R, Yaxley G, Woodhead J & Arculus R

(2017) Precipitation Responses in the Southern Hemisphere Subtropics: Reconciling Palaeodata and Climate Model Projections
Woodhead J, Sniderman K, Hellstrom J, Drysdale R, Brown J, Lorbacher K, Gillett N, Tokarska K, Maas R & Meinhausen M

(2016) The Composition of Altered Oceanic Crust (AOC) Revisited
Kuo T-Y, Woodhead J & Hergt J

(2016) Insights from Titanites into the Petrology of Archaean Metabasalts from the Pilbara Craton
Tympel J, Hergt J, Woodhead J, Maas R & Greig A

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