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All abstracts by Yi-Gang Xu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Eoarchean to Paleoproterozoic Crustal Evolution in the North China Craton
Ma Q, Xu Y-G, Huang X-L & Zheng J-P

(2020) The Age of Cratonic Roots: Archean Dunites vs. Proterozoic Harzburgites in the Central Siberian Craton
Ionov D, Liu Z, Li J, Xu Y, Golovin A & Korsakov A

(2020) Post-Collisional Orogenic Magmatism Involves Melting of Blueschist Stored in Shallow Lithosphere
Wang Y, Foley S, Prelević D & Xu Y

(2020) Slab Dehydration and Magmatism in the Kurile Arc as a Function of Depth: A Multi-Isotopic Perspective
Li H-Y, Ryan J, Xie C, Li X, Zhao R-P & Xu Y-G

(2019) Petrogenesis of Picrites from the Emeishan Large Igneous Province
Ren Z-Y, Wu Y-D, Handler M, Zhang L & Xu Y-G

(2019) The Mantle Mega-Wedge beneath East Asia Formed ~145 Million Years ago
Ma Q, Xu Y-G, Chung S-L, Yang J-H & Griffin WL

(2018) The Origin of the Pliocene Wangqing River Alkali Picrite, NE China
Sun M, Xu Y, Ren Z, Xia X, He P, He H, Jourdan F & Milan L

(2018) Tracing Fluids from the Stagnant Pacific Slab in the Mantle Transition Zone beneath the Eastern North China Craton Using Molybdenum Isotopes
Li H-Y, Li X, Ryan J, Li J & Xu Y-G

(2018) Geochemistry of a Reconstructed 1110 Ma LIP (Kalahari, Dronning Maud Land, Congo, Indian & Amazonian Cratons)
Choudhary R B, Xu YG, Ernst R, De Kock M, MEERT, J, Evans D, Ruiz A & Lima G

(2018) Boron Isotopes in Boninites Record Evolving Input from a Cooling Slab during Subduction Initiation
Li H-Y, Ryan J, Li X & Xu Y-G

(2017) Generation of Intraplate Basalts in an Hetrogeneous Big Mantle Wedge
Xu Y-G, Li H-Y & Hong L-B

(2017) Ti-Rich Garnet Core in Spinel in a Kimberlite: Evidence for Metasomatic Origin
Choudhary BR, Xu YG, Ernst R & Pandit D

(2017) Permian Large Igneous Provinces and their Paleo-Environmental Impacts
Xu Y-G, He B, Ma J-L, Chen J, Li J & Wei G

(2016) Permian Ophiolites from the Wandashan Orogen, NE China: Constraint to Paleo-Pacific Subduction
Sun M & Xu Y

(2016) Direct Temporal Coincidence between the Siberian Traps and Permo-Triassic Boundary Mass Extinction
He B, Zhong Y & Xu Y

(2016) Geochronologic and Geophysical Constraints on the Origin of the Emeishan Large Igneous Province
Xu Y, Zhong Y, Chen Y, He B & Mundil R

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