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All abstracts by Qun-Ke Xia in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Heterogeneous Distribution of Water in Wet Mantle Plume beneath Changbaishan, NE China: Constraints from Machine Learning
Qi Y, Chen H, Wu S, Du Z-H & Xia Q-K

(2022) Accumulation of Hydrous Oceanic Slabs in the LLSVPs Contributing to the Formation of Large Igneous Provinces
Chen H, Bi Y, Kuritani T, Hanski E, Liu J, Gu X-Y & Xia Q-K

(2022) Unsupervised Machine Learning Reveals Control of Melting and Metasomatism on Water Contents of the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle
Zhu C-Y, Chen H, Li A-Z, Hao Y-T & Xia Q-K

(2022) Estimating Ferric Iron Content in Clinopyroxene Using Machine Learning Models
Huang W, Lyu Y, Du M, He C, Gao S, Xu R, Xia Q-K & Zhang Z

(2022) Explainable Machine Learning in Uncovering H Diffusion Mechanism in Clinopyroxene
Li A-Z, Wu S-S, Chen H, Du Z-H & Xia Q-K

(2021) Machine Learning Models for Identification of Primary Water Concentrations in Mantle Pyroxene
Chen H, Su C, Tang Y-Q, ZhangZhou J, Wu S-S & Xia Q-K

(2020) Melting of Reycled Crust Responsible for the Gutenberg Discontiuity
Liu J, Hirano N, Machida S, Xia Q & Tao C

(2020) Compositional Variation of Large Igneous Provinces Moderated by Water in Mantle Plumes
Sun H, Liu J, Xia Q & Hanski E

(2020) The Vertical Variation of the Redox State of the Hainan Lithospheric Mantle: Constraint from Peridotite Xenoliths
Yu J, Hao Y-T, Li P & Xia Q-K

(2020) Water Content Variations in Basalts from Geochemically Heterogeneous Crozet Hotspot
Gu X-Y, Xia Q-K, Wang P-Y & Moine B

(2020) The Effect of Fe on Stability of Hydrogen Defects in Rutile
Sun J, Yang Y & Xia Q

(2020) Inter-Reaction and Site-Specific Diffusion of Hydrogen Defects in Natural Orthopyroxene at High Temperatures
Yang Y & Xia Q

(2020) Effects of Ammonium on Hydroxyl and Lattice Stability of Phengite at High Temperature and High Pressure
Liu W, Yang Y & Xia Q

(2020) Water Content in the Kerguelen Mantle Plume
Gu X, Wang P, Xia Q & Moine B

(2020) High Water Contents in the Jurassic Lithospheric Mantle of the North China Craton: Implications for the Destruction of the Craton
Wang L & Xia Q-K

(2019) Intimate Link between the Deep Earth's Nitrogen and Hydrogen Cycles
Yang Y, Busigny V, Liu W & Xia Q-K

(2019) Extremely Low Structural Hydroxyl Contents in Upper Mantle Xenoliths from the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin)
Patkó L, Liptai N, Kovács IJ, Aradi LE, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J, Mihály J, O'Reilly S, Griffin W, Wesztergom V & Szabó C

(2019) Ammonium Promotes Hydrogen Bond Symmetrization in Phengite Under High Pressures
Liu W, Yang Y & Xia Q

(2019) Genesis of the Iron-Rich Alkaline Large Igneous Province
Chen H, Bi Y, Kuritani T & Xia Q

(2019) Geochemical Evolution of the Tarim Mantle Plume and the Eruption of Large Igneous Province
Chen H, Bi Y, Kuritani T & Xia Q

(2019) Water Content in the Early Cretaceous Gabbros from East China: Implications for the Destruction of the North China Craton
Wang Z, Xia Q & Liu J

(2019) Low Water Content in the Mantle Source of the Hainan Plume as a Factor Inhibiting the Formation of a Large Igneous Province
Gu X-Y & Xia Q-K

(2019) The Link between the Low Contents of S and Cl in Early Cretaceous Basalts and Flourishing of Jehol Biotas
Xu Q, Chen H, Xia Q, Deloule E, Gu X & Wang L

(2018) Water Content of Abyssal Peridotites: Implications for Melt Transports beneath Mid-Oceanic Ridges
Li P, Xia Q-K, Bonatti E & Brunelli D

(2018) Origin of a Transition Zone-Derived Mantle Plume at Changbai Volcano
Kuritani T, Xia Q, Liu J, Zhao D & Nakagawa M

(2018) Variations in the H2O Content and H2O/Ce Ratio of Mantle Pyroxenites: Implications for Enriched Components in the Mantle
Hao Y-T, Li P, Coltorti M & Xia Q-K

(2018) Low Basalt-Source Water Contents Inhibiting the Formation of Large Igneous Province in the Leiqiong Area (South China)
Gu X, Xia Q & Wang P

(2018) Mantle Hydration and the Role of Water in the Generation of Large Igneous Provinces
Xia Q, Liu J, Kuritani T, Hanski E & Yu H

(2018) Mantle Transition Zone Source of Cenozoic Water-Rich Intraplate Magmatism in Eastern China
Chen H, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J, Kuritani T, Hanski E, Liu J, Liu S-C & Wang Q-Y

(2017) Do We Really Know When Water Profiles are Produced in Xenoliths? Example of Xenoliths from Tianchang Volcano (East China)
Liu J, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J & Hao Y-T

(2017) The High Water Content of the OIB-Like Basanite in the Volcanic Front of Northern Izu-Boin Arc System
Liu J, Kuritani T, Yu H & Xia Q

(2016) Temporal Variation of H2O Content in the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Eastern North China Craton: Implications for the Destruction of Cratons
Li P, Xia Q-K, Deloule E & Gu X-Y

(2016) High Water Content in Primitive Continental Flood Basalts
Xia Q-K, Bi Y, Li P, Tian W & Chen H

(2016) Regional Heterogeneity in the Water Content of the Cenozoic Lithospheric Mantle of Eastern China
Hao Y-T, Xia Q-K, Jia Z-B, Zhao Q-C, Li P, Feng M & Liu S-C

(2016) Temporal and Spatial Variation of Source Components for Intraplate Basalts from North China
Chen H, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J & Deloule E

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