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All abstracts by Xiang-Kun Zhu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Genesis of Small-Volume Alkali-Tholeiitic Basalts: Implications for the Geochemical Continuum of Intraplate Basalts
Xie Q, Zhang Z, Foley SF, Chen C, Cheng Z, Wang Y, Kong W, Lv Y, Jin Q, Krmíček L, Zhu X-K & M S

(2023) High Precision Cadmium Isotope Measurement by Double Spike MC-ICP-MS
Li J, Zhu X-K, Tang S, Yan B & Ma J-X

(2019) Titanium Isotopic Fractionation during Magmatic Differentiation
Zhao X, Tang S, Huang S, Li J, Helz R, Marsh B & Zhu X

(2019) Lead Isotope Constraints on the Affinities Among Four Giant Massive Sulfide Deposits from the Langshan-Zhaertai Ore Belt, Northern China
Gao Z & Zhu X

(2019) A One-Column Separation of Ca and Sr for Accurate Isotopic Analysis Using MC-ICPMS
Sun J, Zhu X, Belshaw NS, Henderson GM, Chen B, Li S, Ma J & Li Z

(2019) High-Precision Ti Isotopic Analysis of Igneous Rocks Using a Double-Spike Method with MC–ICP–MS
Li J, Tang S-H, Zhu X-K, Ma J-X & Zhao X-M

(2019) A Fully Automatic Multi-Ions/Species Purification System for Elemental/Isotopic Analysis
Zhu Z-Y & Zhu X-K

(2019) Matrix Dependent Elution Behavior of Ti, Al, and Cr in Cation Resin
Ma J-X, Li J & Zhu X

(2019) The Ophiolitic Chromitite and Dunite with Highly Variable Cr#-spinel Originated from an Evolving Magma
She Y-W & Zhu X-K

(2019) Comparison of Redox States between the Ultramafic Bodies of Xigaze and Luobusha Ophiolites, Tibet, China
Zhu X-K, He Y, She Y-W & Wan H-Q

(2018) Lead Isotope Constraints on the Genetic Relationship between Cu-Zn-Pb Ores and S Ores in the Dongshengmiao Deposit, Northern China
Gao Z & Zhu X

(2018) New Basaltic and Solution Reference Materials for Iron, Copper and Zinc Isotope Measurements
Li J, Tang S-H & Zhu X-K

(2018) An Early Neoproterozoic Banded Iron Formation in China
Sun J, Zhu X & Li Z

(2018) Separation of the Light Rare Earth Elements for Ce and Nd Isotope Analysis
Zhu Z & Zhu X

(2016) Fe Isotope and Trace Element Variations in Shilu Fe-Ore Deposit, Hainan Province, China
Sun J, Zhu X-K, Li Z-H & Wang Y

(2016) Redox State Evolution of the Late Cryogenian Ocean: A Case Study from the Nanhua Basin
Zhu XK, Peng X, Zhang FF, Yan B & Shi FQ

(2016) Fe Isotope Composition of Paleoproterozoic Superior-Type Iron Formation from North China Craton
Li ZH & Zhu XK

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