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All abstracts by Mark Fanning in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) The European Continental Crust Through Detrital Minerals
Castillo P, Bahlburg H, Berndt J, Chew DM & Fanning M

(2014) Northern Chilean Frontal Andes: Evidences for the Last Stages of Pangea Assemblage
Hernández González Á, Deckart K, Fanning M & Arriagada C

(2013) Initiation and 35 Myr Duration of S-Type Granitic Magmatism in an Accretionary Orogen
McKibbin S, Landenberger B, Collins B & Fanning M

(2013) Mesoproterozoic and Paleoproterozoic Igneous Crust of Central East Antarctica: Age and Origins Revealed from Glacial Clasts
Goodge J, Fanning M, Vervoort J & Fisher C

(2013) Evolution of Rhyolite Magmas in the Halle Volcanic Complex – A Record from Hf and O Isotope and Hf Concentrations in Zircon
Słodczyk E, Pietranik A, Breitkreuz C & Fanning M

(2012) U-Pb Age Zoning in Titanite by SIMS: New Criteria for Preservation
Bonamici C, Kozdon R, Fanning M & Valley J

(2012) Zircon U-Pb, O and Hf Isotope Characteristics of Granites Emplaced during Cretaceous Wrench to Transtension in West Antarctica
Siddoway C, Yakymchuk C, Fanning CM & Brown M

(2010) Zircon Oxygen and Hf Isotopic Constraints on 150 M.y. of Subduction Magmatism, South Patagonian Batholith, South America
Fanning M, Hervé F, Pankhurst R, Calderón M, Yaxley G & Holden P

(2010) U-Pb and Trace Elements in Xenotime from Sediment-Hosted Co-Cu-Au and Cu-Ag Deposits, ID-MT
Aleinikoff J, Slack J, Hayes T, Fanning M, Mazdab F & Wooden J

(2008) LA-MC-ICPMS and Multi-Ion Counting System Applied to U-Pb Dating of Complex Zircons from Quaternary Volcanites: Geochemical Implications
Cocherie A, Fanning M, Jezequel P & Robert M

(2006) U-Pb and Lu-Hf Isotopic Constraints on the Provenance of Permian Detritus in Metasedimentary rocks of Southern Chile and Livingston Island, Antarctica
Fanning CM, Hervé F, Yaxley GM & Pankhurst RJ

(2006) Constraints on the timing and isotopic evolution for the 150 my emplacement history of the South Patagonian batholith, southern Chile.
Hervé F, Pankhurst RJ, Fanning CM, Calderón M & Yaxley GM

(2005) Evolution of the Salmon River Suture and Continental Delamination in the Syringa Embayment
Lund K, Aleinikoff J, Unruh D, Yacob E & Fanning M

(2002) Accretion and Splitting within the Permian Pangea Recorded by Episodic Metamorphic Zircon Growth
Cocherie A, Rossi P, Fanning CM & Deloule E

(2001) Influence of Metamictization and Alteration on U-Pb Zircon Age Determination
Cocherie A, Guerrot C, Fanning MC & Legendre O

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