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All abstracts by Xin Zhang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Exploration and Application of Confocal Laser Raman Spectroscopy in Marine Microplastics
Liu J, Du Z, Zhang X, Luan Z & Yan J

(2019) A New Insight into the Geochemical Analysis of Cold Seeps in the South China Sea
Du Z, Zhang X, Luan Z & Yan J

(2019) Laser Alteration on Minerals from Hydrothermal and Cold Seep System by Raman Spectroscopy
Xi S, Zhang X, Luan Z, Du Z, Li L, Liang Z, Lian C & Yan J

(2019) Huge Underestimation for the Implication of Hydrothermal Gas Species on Ocean and Atmosphere
Li L, Zhang X, Luan Z, Du Z, Xi S & Yan J

(2019) Iodine Concentration of Pore Waters Associated with Gas Hydrates in the Northern South China Sea
Fu P, Liu J, Wang Y, Lin L & Zhang X

(2019) Capturing Atom Exchange Fronts during Fe(II)-catalyzed Recrystallization of Fe(III)-oxide Minerals Using Isotopic Mapping Probes
Taylor S, Liu J, Zhang X, Kovarik L, Cliff J, Perea D, Byun TS, Schreiber D & Rosso K

(2018) An in situ Look at Water, Ions and Forces at Mineral Surfaces and in Confinement
De Yoreo J, Kerisit S, Tuladhar A, Zhang X, Sushko M, Zhang S, Li D, Chun J, Wang Z, Nakouzi E & Rosso K

(2018) Ionic Liquid Glassification to Observe Aluminate Ion Speciation in Low Water Alkaline Environments
Graham T, Hu J, Shen Z, Dembowski M, Zhang X, Clark S, Schenter G, Pearce C & Rosso K

(2018) Correlating Mineral-Water Interface Structure to Particle Interactions and Emergent Phenomena
Chun J, Nakouzi E, Soltis J, Legg B, Schenter G, Zhang X, Graham T, Rosso K, Anovitz L & De Yoreo J

(2018) Geochemical Characteristics of Oil and Source Rock in Xihu Depression, East China Sea Basin
Zhang X, Chen H & Su A

(2017) Metamorphism and Geochemical Characteristics of a Metamorphic Sole, Xigaze Ophiolite, Tibet
Li X-P, Zhang X & Wang Z

(2016) The Nanoscale Forces Behind Crystallization by Oriented Aggregation
Rosso K, Zhang X, Sushko M, Shen Z, Kerisit S, Li D, Chun J, Bowden M, Engelhard M, Liu J, Mundy C & De Yoreo J

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