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All abstracts by Alexandra Yang Yang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Variable Dehydration Behaviors of Slab Serpentinite beneath the Mariana Subduction Zone
Zhao S-Y, Yang AY, Zhou Z, Tamura Y, Ma J, Xu Y, Zhang S & Zhao T-P

(2022) A Subduction Influence on Ocean Ridge Basalts Outside the Pacific Subduction Shield
Yang AY, Langmuir C, Cai Y, Michael PJ, Goldstein SL & Chen Z

(2022) Oxidized Primary Arc Magmas: Constraints from Cu/Zr Systematics in Global Arc Volcanics
Zhao S-Y, Yang AY, Langmuir C & Zhao T-P

(2020) The Subduction Influence on Ocean Ridge Basalts and its Significance
Yang AY, Cai Y, Langmuir C, Goldstein S & Michael P

(2015) Re-Os-PGE Systematics of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc-Basin System
Savov I, Dale C, Yang A, Hickey-Vargas R & Exp.351 SP

(2015) Reaction between MORB Magma and Lower Oceanic Crust: An Experimental Study
Yang AY, Lissenberg CJ & Liang Y

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