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All abstracts by Sirine C. Fakra in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Correlated Cryogenic STXM and Microprobe Study of Biofilms from a Sulfide Contaminated Groundwater Spring
Fakra SC, Probst A, Baker B & Banfield JF

(2017) Genome-Resolved Metagenomics as a Foundation for Understanding of Biogeochemistry
Banfield J, Anantharaman K, Andeer P, Arbour T, Brown C, Burstein D, Castelle C, Diamond S, Fakra S, Firestone M, Gilbert B, Kantor R, Lavi A, Matheus Carnevali P, Northen T, Probst A, Starr E, Thomas B, Warren L & Williams K

(2017) Dolomite Formation in Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Microbial Biofilms
Daye M, Rhim J, Rowland S, Pajusalu M, Klepac-Ceraj V, Fakra S, Tamura N & Bosak T

(2012) Measuring the Speciation of Iron in Hydrothermal Plume Particles
Toner B, Breier J, Edwards K, Fakra S, German C, Marcus M & Rouxel O

(2010) Going Deep: Elemental Distribution, Speciation and Redox States in a Marine Ferromanganese Nodule
Marcus MA, Fakra SC, Toner BM, Horn G & Edwards KJ

(2009) Trace Element Partitioning and Redox States in a Ferromanganese Nodule from the SW Pacific
Marcus M, Fakra S, Toner B, Horn G & Edwards K

(2008) Defining Biomineralization from the Bacterial Cell Wall to the Bulk Solution
Glasauer S, Fakra S, Tyliszczak T & Shuh D

(2007) Formation of Biomineralized Stalks by a Marine Iron-Oxidizing Bacterium
Chan C, Emerson D, Fakra S & Edwards K

(2005) Size-Structure Relationship of Δ-akaganeite
Deore S, Mazeina L, Navrotsky A, Fakra S & Tamura N

(2005) A Molecular Approach Towards Understanding the Biogenic Formation of CeO<->2<$> And its Interactions with Biomolecules
Cervini-Silva J, Gilbert B, Fakra S & Banfield J

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