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All abstracts by Daniel Wiemer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Variole Bearing Pillow Lavas of the ~3.5 Ga Mount Ada Basalt, East Pilbara Terrane, Formed Through Liquid Immiscibility of a Water Saturated Magma
Murphy DT, Vickie Bennett V, Wiemer D & Trofimovs J

(2018) Earth’s Oldest Stable Crust Formed by Cyclic Gravitational Overturns
Wiemer D, Schrank C, Murphy D, Wenham L & Allen C

(2017) Natal Origins of a Pest: Using Sr Isotopes to Identify if an Exotic Pest Infact [or Unfortunately?] has Local Origins
Holder P, Murphy D, Wiemer D, Moromizato K, Kinaev I, Crisp P & Armstrong K

(2017) In situ LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Dating of Shear Deformation in the East Pilbara Terrane
Wenham L, Murphy D, Wiemer D, Allen C & Schrank C

(2015) Correlation of Highly Altered Tuffs in Permo-Triassic Coal Basins of Eastern Australia Using Zircon Composition
Allen CM, Esterle JS, Pretorius S & Wiemer D

(2015) Pillow Basalts from the Mount Ada Basalt, Warrawoona Group, Pilbara Craton: Impications for the Initiation of Grainite-Greenstone Terrains
Murphy DT, Trofimovs J, Hepple RA, Wiemer D, Kemp A & Hickman A

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