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All abstracts by Helen Williams in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) A Big Data Perspective on the Behaviour of Copper in Arc Magmas
Barber N, Edmonds M, Jenner F, Williams H & Audetat A

(2020) Copper Isotope Fractionation at the Magnetite Crisis in the Manus Backarc Basin
Freymuth H, Jenner F & Williams H

(2020) Thallium Isotopic Composition of Earth’s Earliest Continental Crust
Schannor M, Freymuth H, Reimink J, Moreira H, Rehkämper M & Williams H

(2020) Heavy δ57Fe in Ocean Island Basalts: Is Pyroxenite the Solution?
Soderman C, Williams H, Shorttle O, Matthews S, Jackson M, Nebel O, Ruttor S, Beier C, Turner S & Millet M-A

(2020) Stable Iron Isotopes as a Tracer for the Mantle Components ‘FOZO a and B’ at São Miguel, Azores
Ruttor S, Nebel O, Williams H, Beier C, Richter M, Nebel-Jacobsen Y, Romer R & Turner S

(2020) Tracing Tectonic Recycling, Mantle Heterogeneity, and Melt Transport Processes with Metal Stable Isotopes
Williams H, Matthews S, Soderman C, Freymuth H & Schannor M

(2020) A Coupled μ182W-d57Fe Record of Early Terrestrial Mantle Differentiation?
Williams H, Rizo H & Puchtel I

(2020) The Secret Life of Impact Breccias: Chondritic Phosphate Shock Textures
Walton C, Williams H & Shorttle O

(2019) Evaluating Volatile Fluxes in Subduction Systems Using Stable Isotope Tracers
Valdes M, Debret B, Williams H, Kouketsu Y, Sakaguchi I & Wallis S

(2018) Pressure Effects Complicate our Understanding of Earth's Sulfur Cycle
Reekie C, Jenner F, Smythe D, Hauri E, Bullock E & Williams H

(2018) Role of the Forearc in the Geochemistry of Subduction Zones: New Insights from the IODP Expedition 366
Debret B, Mattielli N, Albers E, Walter B, Price R, Barnes JD, Beunon H & Williams H

(2018) Copper Mobilisation and Isotope Fractionation during Subduction
Freymuth H, Williams H, Jenner F & Debret B

(2018) Iron Isotope and Fe3+/Fetotal Hetereogenity Preserved on Inter-Eruption Lengthscales in Iceland
Williams H, Matthews S, Shorttle O, Maclennan J & Halldórsson S

(2017) The Iron Isotope Composition of the Earth’s Lower Mantle
Williams H, Rizo H & Puchtel I

(2017) The Iron Isotope Composition of Northern Hemisphere Glacial Systems
Stevenson E, Williams H, Robbins M, Sheik C, Arendt C, Clinger A & Aciego S

(2017) The Early Stages of Slab Decarbonation
Debret B, Bouilhol P, Pons M-L & Williams H

(2017) Zn and Fe Isotopes in the Cerro del Almirez Ultramafic Massif (Spain): New Constraints on Serpentinite Breakdown during Subduction
Pons M-L, Debret B, Carlos G, Bouilhol P, Sánchez-Vizcaíno VL, Marchesi C, Hidas K & Williams H

(2017) Stable Iron Isotope Behaviour during Fluid Release from Subducted Slab Serpentinites
Inglis E, Bouilhol P, Debret B, Williams H & Burton K

(2017) The Iron Isotope Compositions of Barberton Komatiites: Insights into Early Earth Differentiation Processes
Williams H, Puchtel I, Rizo H & Boyet M

(2016) Iron and Silicon Isotope Evolution Across Palaeoproterozoic BIF of the Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa
Oonk P, Tsikos H, Mason P, Williams H & Vroon P

(2016) Zinc Isotope Evidence for Sulphate-Rich Fluid Transfer Across Subduction Zones
Pons M-L, Debret B, Bouilhol P & Williams H

(2016) Iron Isotope Fractionation in Subglacial Systems
Stevenson EI, Fantle M, Williams H, Das S, Sheik C & Aciego S

(2016) Iron Isotope Contraints on Mantle Lithological Heterogeneity beneath the Azores
Williams H, Turner S, Humayun M, Widom E & Millet M-A

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