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All abstracts by Anne-Marie Wefing in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) 129I and 236U Transit Time Distributions of Atlantic Waters in the Arctic Ocean and Fram Strait
Wefing A-M, Casacuberta N, Christl M, Vockenhuber C, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Dodd PA & Smith JN

(2019) Surface Water Changes during Transit from North Pole to Fram Strait
Rutgers van der Loeff M, Stimac I, Casacuberta N, Wefing A-M, Laukert G, Bauch D, Paffrath R, Provost C, Karcher M, Meyer H, Schaffer J, Rabe B, Graeve M & Ludwichowski K-U

(2017) 129I/236U and 236U/238U as a Dual Tracer for Water Mass Circulation in the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean
Casacuberta N, Christl M, Vockenhuber C, Wefing A-M, Masque P, Castrillejo M, Rutgers van-der-Loeff M, Yang S & Gruber N

(2017) Distribution of I-129 in the Fram Strait
Wefing A-M, Casacuberta Arola N, Vockenhuber C, Christl M & van der Loeff MR

(2017) Glacial Intensification of the Benguela Current
Frank N, Roesch C, Wefing A-M, Wienberg C, Lausecker M, Förstel J, Schröder-Ritzrau A, Therre S, Friedrich R, Arps J, Hebbeln D, Dullo C & Freiwald A

(2015) Mid-Depth Northeast Atlantic 14C during the Past 30000 Years
Frank N, Wefing A-M, Hemsing F, Fohlmeister J, Tisnerat-Laborde N, Blamart D, Schröder-Ritzrau A & Carreiro-Silva M

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