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All abstracts by Timothy J. Fagan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Late-Stage Fluids in Gabbros from the Earth and Moon: Implications for the Preservation of KREEP
Fagan TJ, Fujimoto A & Kosaka D

(2016) An Amoeboid Olivine Aggregate in Polymict Eucrite LEW 85300
Komatsu M, Yamaguchi A, Fagan T, Zolensky M, Shirai N & Mikouchi T

(2016) Shock Deformation in Reduced vs. Oxidized CV Chondrites Indicated by Chondrule Shapes and Modes
Aoki R & Fagan TJ

(2016) Multiple F:Cl:OH Environments for Apatites from a Single Lunar Breccia
Asahi T, Fagan TJ & Harlov DE

(2016) Comparison of Metasomatic Features of CAIs in CV Chondrites with Terrestrial Meta-Igneous Rocks
Fagan TJ

(2015) High-Cl Apatite as an Indicator of KREEP in the Breccia of Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa 773
Fagan TJ, Shimoda A, Yokomizo S & Harlov DE

(2014) Replacement of Igneous Pyroxene and Feldspar by Hydrous Metamorphism of Volcanic Pillows, Slate Creek Complex, Northern CA
Fagan TJ

(2014) Apatite as a Recorder of Volatile Elements during Magmatic Evolution of Lunar Meteorite NWA 773
Fagan TJ & Shimoda A

(2013) Tholeiitic vs. Calc-Alkaline Igneous Trends on the Moon: Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa 773 vs. Apollo 15 Quartz Monzodiorite
Fagan TJ, Wakabayashi Y, Suginohara A & Kashima D

(2013) LIME Olivine and Pyroxene: Multi-Stage Thermal Histories of AOAs
Komatsu M, Fagan TJ & Mikouchi T

(2009) Multi-Stage Igneous Evolution of Anorthite in Three Type B CAIs
Tasai Y, Fagan T, Itoh S & Yurimoto H

(2003) Amoeboid Olivine Aggregates in Carbonaceous Chondrites: Records of Nebular and Asteroidal Processes
Krot A, Petaev M, Itoh S, Fagan T, Yurimoto H & Russell S

(2003) Nebular Thermal Event Recorded in Amoeboid Olivine Aggregates from the Reduced CV3 Chondrite Leoville
Fagan T, Krot A, Keil K & Yurimoto H

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