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All abstracts by Boswell Wing in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) The Isotopic Consequences of Living Large
Wing B, Halling A, Hurley SJ, Johnson BW, Johnston DT & Simpson C

(2019) Feast Then Famine: Exiting the GOE and Setting the Stage for a Billion Years of Environmental Stability
Crockford P, Hodgskiss M, Peng Y, Wing B & Horner T

(2019) Continental Hydrothermal Systems Preserve a Time-Integrated Record of the Oxygen Isotope Composition of Ancient Precipitation
Johnson B & Wing B

(2019) Evolution of Carbon Fixation Through Time
Hurley S, Elsworth G, Cameron J & Wing B

(2016) Arsenic-Based Metabolisms in a 3.4 Ga Old Ecosystem
Philippot P, Medjoubi K, Sancho-Tomas M, Sugitani K, Visscher P, Konhauser K, Wing B & Somogyi A

(2016) Majority Views on Planetary Oxygenation during the Middle Chapters of Earth History: Constraints from the Isotopic Minority
Wing B

(2016) Sulfur Cycling in Ancient Terrestrial Fracture Waters Transports Archean Signatures
McDermott JM, Li L, Sutcliffe CN, Ono S, Wing B & Sherwood Lollar B

(2016) Origin of Isotopically Heavy Pyrite (δ34S>20‰) in the Paleoproterozoic Zaonega Formation
Üpraus K, Lepland A, Zerkle A, Patel N, McLean F, Wing B, Bui TH, Kreitsmann T, Kirsimäe K & Panieri G

(2016) Ca, Mg, and Li Isotope Records Leading into the Sturtian Glaciation
Crockford PW, Kunzmann M, Blättler CL, Planavsky NJ, Higgins JA, Halverson GP & Wing BA

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