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All abstracts by Jean-Christophe Viennet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) What Would Martian Biosignatures Look Like if Entombed in Clay-Rich Sediments?
Criouet I, Viennet J-C, Remusat L, Baron F, Buch A, Skouri-Panet F, Balan E & Bernard S

(2022) Elastic and Thermodynamic Properties of Asteroid Ryugu Return Samples
Hu M, Lavina B, Zhao J, Alp E, Roskosz M, Beck P, Viennet J-C, Nakamura T, Amano K, Kikuiri M, Morita T, Yurimoto H, Noguchi T, Okazaki R, Yabuta H, Naraoka H, Sakamoto K, Tachibana S, Watanabe S-I & Tsuda Y

(2022) Investigating and Quantifying Natural H2 Emissions within the Fe-Rich Kansas Precambrian Granitoid Crust, Through High Resolution Microscopy and Tomography
Combaudon V, Sissmann O, Kularatne K, Julia G, Guyot F, Bernard S, Viennet J-C, Martinez I, Renard S, Newell KD, Derluyn H & Deville E

(2021) Experimental Fossilization of the RNA World in the Presence of Clay Minerals
Bernard S, Jacquemot P, Criouet I, Viennet J-C & Jaber M

(2021) Experimentally Investigating the Influence of Mineralogy on the Geochemical Preservation of Microbial Fossils during Diagenesis
Alleon J, Viennet J-C, Marin-Carbonne J & Bernard S

(2021) Abiotic Formation of Organic Biomorphs Under Diagenetic Conditions
Criouet I, Viennet J-C, Jacquemot P, Jaber M & Bernard S

(2021) Experimental Evidence of the Influence of Organic Compounds on Pyrite Morphologies
Duverger A, Busigny V, Viennet J-C, Miot J & Bernard S

(2021) Tardi-Magmatic Precipitation of Cl-Bearing Fe/Mg Clay Minerals on Mars
Viennet J-C, Bernard S, Le Guillou C, Sautter V, Schmitt-Kopplin P, Gregoire B, Jambon A, Pont S, Beyssac O, Zanda B, Hewins R & Remusat L

(2021) Origin of Soil Organic Carbon Persistence Revealed by Nanoscale Analyses
Chassé M, Le Guillou C, Viennet J-C, Bernard S & Barré P

(2019) Searching for Biosignatures on Mars: Experimental Perspectives
Viennet J-C, Bernard S, Le Guillou C, Jacquemot P, Balan E, Delbes L, Rigaud B, Georgelin T & Jaber M

(2019) Experimental Fossilization: Biomolecule-Mineral Interactions
Jacquemot P, Viennet J-C, Bernard S, Le Guillou C, Rigaud B, Georgelin T & Jaber M

(2015) Influence of Particle Size on the Experimental Dissolution and Al-Hydroxylation of K-Vermiculite
Viennet J-C, Hubert F, Tertre E & Turpault M-P

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