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All abstracts by Diane Thompson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Indo-Pacific Hyroclimate Change over the Past 200 Years: New Insights from the Iso2 k Synthesis
Thompson D, Conroy J, Konecky B, McKay N & Stevenson S

(2018) The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Assessing Impact of Skeletal Density and Transect Quality on Geochemistry in Sub-Fossil Corals from the Gal√°pagos Islands
Reed E, Thompson D, Cole J, Lough J, Vetter L, Snyder M, Jimenez G, Tudhope S, Edwards L & Cantin N

(2018) Multi-Proxy Reconstructions of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific: Measuring Sr/Ca, Ba/Ca, and Li/Mg in Modern Corals Using ICP-OES
Cheung A, Cole J, Vetter L, Jimenez G, Thompson D & Tudhope S

(2017) Assessing the Potential of Redox Sensitive Trace Metals to Capture Climate Variability in an Equitorial Meromicitic Lake
Hlohowskyj S, Thompson D & Chappaz A

(2015) Evaluating Hydroclimate Change in the Recent Past with Observed and Modeled Leaf Wax Hydrogen Isotopes
Konecky B, Nusbaumer J, Stevenson S, Thompson D, Wong T, Noone D & Sachse D

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