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All abstracts by Romain Tilhac in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Fe, Cu and Zn Isotopes: Proxies to Constrain the Magmato-Hydrothermal History at Oceanic Core Complexes (Mid-Atlantic Ridge Kane Area, MARK, 23°N, ODP Leg 153)
Coltat R, Debret B, Tilhac R, Andreani M, Patten CGC, Godard M & Escartin J

(2023) First Natural Evidence of Kinetic Eu Anomalies in the Earth’s Mantle:implications for the Interpretation of Ghost Plagioclase Signatures in Oceanic Basalts
Tilhac R, Garrido CJ, Oliveira B & Hidas K

(2021) Kinetic Fractionation and Extreme Mineral-Scale Heterogeneity in the Earth’s Mantle
Tilhac R, Garrido CJ, Hidas K & Oliveira B

(2021) Systematic Enrichment of Mantle Harzburgites: New Insights from San Carlos Xenoliths
Tilhac R, Morishita T, Tamura A & Guotana JM

(2020) A Disequilibrium Reactive Transport Model for Mantle Magmatism
Oliveira B, Afonso JC, Klöcking M & Tilhac R

(2020) Hf-Nd Isotope Decoupling in the Mantle: A Brief Review and New Geodynamic Perspectives
Tilhac R, Begg GC, O'Reilly SY & Griffin WL

(2019) Metasomatic Re Addition Overprints Unradiogenic Os in Sub-Arc Mantle
Tilhac R, Schaefer BF, Ceuleneer G, Oliveira B, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY & Grégoire M

(2019) Multiphase Multicomponent Reactive Transport: Disequilibrium Melt-Rock Processes and Geochemical Geodynamics
Oliveira B, Afonso JC & Tilhac R

(2017) Numerical Modelling of Multi-Phase Multi-Component Reactive Transport in the Earth's Interior
Oliveira B, Afonso JC, Zlotnik S & Tilhac R

(2017) Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry of Cabo Ortegal Pyroxenites: Origin and Age of a Sub-Arc Mantle Domain
Tilhac R, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY, Ceuleneer G, Schaefer BF, Henry H & Grégoire M

(2017) The Unexplored Potential Impact of Pyroxenitic Layering on Upper Mantle Seismic Properties
Henry H, Afonso JC, Satsukawa T, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY, Kaczmarek M-A, Tilhac R, Gregoire M & Ceuleneer G

(2015) Metasomatized Segregates of high-Ca Boninites: Cabo Ortegal Pyroxenites
Tilhac R, Grégoire M, Ceuleneer G, O'Reilly SY, Griffin WL & Pearson NJ

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