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All abstracts by M. Darby Dyar in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2010) Lithium and Oxygen Isotopes and Oxidation State of Lower Oceanic Crust: Atlantis Massif, 30┬░N
Reynolds V, Crapster-Pregont E, Dyar D, Jawin E, McDonough W, Qiu L, Rumble D & Tucker J

(2008) Complete Chemical Characterization of Metapelitic Minerals from W. Maine, USA: Petrologic Implications
Henry D, Dyar MD & Guidotti C

(2008) Sulfates on Mars: Comparison with Spectral Properties of Analog Sites
Bishop J, Alpers C, Coleman M, Sobron P, Lane M, Dyar D & Schiffman P

(2008) Sulfates on Mars: How Recent Discoveries from CRISM, OMEGA and the MERs are Changing Our View of the Planet
Bishop J, Lane M, Dyar D, Parente M, Roach L, Murchie S & Mustard J

(2008) Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Iron-Sulfate Minerals from Iron Mountain, California, U.S.A
Alpers CN, Majzlan J, Bender Koch C, Bishop JL, Coleman ML, Dyar MD, McCleskey RB, Myneni SCB, Nordstrom DK & Sobron P

(2005) Geometric Constraints of in situ Synchrotron micro-XANES Determinations of Oxidation State
Delaney J, Dyar MD, Gunter M, Sutton S & Lanzirotti A

(2005) Transmission and Fluorescence Mode microXAS Analysis of Oriented Mineral Grains
Dyar MD, Delaney J, Gunter M, Sutton S & Lanzirotti A

(2001) Amphibole-Asbestos, Vermiculite Mining and Libby, Montana: What's in a Name?
Gunter ME, Brown BM, Bandli BR & Dyar MD

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