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All abstracts by Ming Tang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Reconstructing Crustal Thickness Evolution from Eu Anomalies in Detrital Zircons
Tang M, Ji W, Chu X, Wu A & Chen C

(2020) Chalcophile Element Systematics in Continental Arc Magmas as Observed in the Central Andes
Chen K, Tang M, Kay S, Wang Z, Hu Z & Liu Y

(2020) On the Geology, Petrology and Physics of Making Copper Porphyries
Lee C-T, Tang M & Liu B

(2019) Garnet Fractionation Drives Sulfur Oxidation in Magmatic Orogens
Tang M, Lee C-T & Ji W

(2019) How Mafic was the Archean Upper Continental Crust?
Chen K, Rudnick R, Wang Z, Tang M, Hu Z & Liu Y

(2019) Lithium Systematics in Arc Magmas: Implications for Li Mineralization
Chen C, Lee C-T, Tang M & Sun W

(2018) Making the Calc-Alkaline Continental Crust: A Cumulate Perspective
Tang M & Lee C-T

(2018) Tracking Sulfide Fractionation in Deep Continental Arcs: Implications for Porphyry Cu Deposits
Chen K, Wang Z, Tang M, Zou Z, Hu Z & Liu Y

(2018) Lithium Recycling: From Mantle Melting to Surficial Mineralization
Chen C, Lee C-TA, Tang M & Sun W

(2017) From Source Disequilibrium Melting to Magmatic Homogenization Recorded by Hf Isotopes in Zircons
Wang X, Wang D, Tang M & Huang D-L

(2017) Archean Ultra-Thick Crust Reflects Mantle Overturn in Early Earth
Tang M, Rudnick R, Lee C-T & Condie K

(2016) Non-Uniformitarian Continental Crust Formation
Rudnick R & Tang M

(2016) Mechanism of Li Diffusion in Zircon
Tang M, Rudnick R, McDonough W, Trail D & Bose M

(2016) Reevaluating Element Mobility during Continental Weathering
Chen K, Tang M, Liu Y-S & Gao S

(2015) Europium Anomaly in the MORB Source Mantle

Tang M, McDonough W & Rudnick R

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