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All abstracts by Steven Shirey in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Boron-Bearing, Type IIb Diamonds from Superdeep Subduction
Smith E, Shirey S, Richardson S, Nestola F, Bullock E, Wang J & Wang W

(2017) Crustal Evolution of the Archean Slave Craton, NWT, Canada
Reimink J, Carlson R, Shirey S & Pearson DG

(2017) 142Nd Anomalies in Mid- to Late- Archean Sedimentary Rocks: Large-Scale Recycling of Hadean Crust?
Garçon M, Boyet M, Carlson R, Shirey S & Horan M

(2015) Diamond Growth in the Lithospheric Mantle: New SIMS and Raman Evidence from Zimbabwe Diamonds
Smit K, Shirey S, Steele A, Stern R & Wang W

(2015) Lithospheric Mantle Evolution of the Western Ross Sea Area in the West Antarcic Rift System
Doherty C, Class C, Goldstein S, Shirey S, Martin A, Cooper A & Berg J

(2015) Erosion of Archean Continents: The Nd-Hf Isotopic Record of Barberton Sedimentary Rocks
Garçon M, Carlson R, Shirey S, Arndt N & Horan M

(2015) Sources of Diamonds from Orapa, Botswana and Evolution of the Kaapvaal-Zimbabwe Cratons
Shirey S, Smit K, Gaillou E, Richardson S & Harris J

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