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All abstracts by Michael Dungan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Changes in Open-System Crystal-Mush Evolution and Mobilization Dynamics in Concert with Shallow Magma-Reservoir Migration beneath Historically Hyperactive Llaima Volcano (38.7°S, Chilean Andes)
Dungan M & Bouvet de Maisonneuve C

(2016) The Importance of Mantle Wedge Heterogeniety to Arc Geochemistry
Turner S, Langmuir C, Dungan M & Escrig S

(2015) Global Insights from Chilean SVZ Geochemistry
Turner S, Langmuir C, Dungan M & Escrig S

(2014) Constraints on Shallow Magma Storage and Eruption-Triggering Mechanisms from High-Resolution Zoning Profiles in Olivine Populations from Historic Lavas (1640-2009 AD) at Volcán Llaima, 38.7° S, Chilean Andes
Dungan M & Bouvet de Maisonneuve C

(2014) Do Olivines Faithfully Record Magmatic Events?
Bouvet de Maisonneuve C, Costa F & Dungan M

(2012) Time Scales of Magmatic Processes and Volcanic Unrest at Caldera Systems
Costa F, Druitt T, Deloule E, Dungan M & Scaillet B

(2011) Distinguishing between Open and Closed System Magma Differentiation at Arc Volcanoes by Combining U-Series and Elemental Systematics
Cooper L, Reubi O, Dungan M, Bourdon B & Langmuir C

(2011) Magma Recharge and Eruption Processes at Volcán Llaima (Andean Southern Volcanic Zone, 38.7°S)
Bouvet de Maisonneuve C, Dungan M, Bachmann O & Costa F

(2009) U-Th-Pa-Ra Constraints on Mantle Wedge Metasomatism and Melting beneath Volcán Llaima
Reubi O, Bourdon B, Koornneef J, Aciego S, Dungan M, Sellés D & Langmuir C

(2009) Evidence for Thermal Rejuvenation of the Masonic Park Tuff, San Juan Volcanic Field, CO
Plummer C, Bachmann O & Dungan M

(2009) Fluid-Mobile Element Symmetry in Arc Magmatism -- Slab and Surface
Dungan M, Bouvet de Maisonneuve C, Reubi O & Langmuir C

(2008) Magma Evolution in Time and Space at Volcán Llaima (38.7° S, Andean Southern Volcanic Zone – SVZ, Chile)
Dungan M, Bouvet de Maisonneuve C, Naranjo JA, Selles D, Escrig S & Langmuir C

(2007) Assimilation of the Plutonic Roots of the Andean Arc: Evidence from CO2-rich Fluid Inclusions in Olivines
Ginibre C & Dungan M

(2005) Adakitic Signatures in Andean Water-Rich Magmas at Nevado de Longaví
Rodriguez C, Selles D, Dungan M, Leeman W & Langmuir C

(2005) Partial Assimilative Recycling of the Plutonic Roots of a Continental Arc
Dungan M, Leeman W, Goldstein S, Langmuir C, Davidson J & Piatrowski A

(2004) Mineral-Scale Sr Isotopic Variations as Recorders of Magmatic Processes in the Fish Canyon System, U.S.A
Charlier B, Davidson J, Bachmann O & Dungan M

(2002) The Fish Canyon Tuff: Ar-Ar Versus U-Pb Age Discrepancy Re-assessed
Oberli F, Bachmann O, Meier M & Dungan MA

(2002) Compositional Diversity in Mafic Andean Arc Magmas Generated by Assimilation of Amphibole- and Phlogopite-Bearing Cumulates
Dungan M, Jon D, Frederick F & Laurie C

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