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All abstracts by Peter Dulski in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) CO2 in Boiling Ore Systems – a Fundamental Control on Metal Fractionation Factors?
Rempel K, Liebscher A, Heinrich W, Dulski P & Schettler G

(2013) The Vapour-Brine Partitioning of Uranium in Boiling Ore Systems
Rempel K, Heinrich W, Liebscher A & Dulski P

(2007) Onset of MORB Melting: High-Pressure Eclogite-Facies Pegmatites as an Example of Internal Fluid Recycling
Franz G, Liebscher A, Frei D & Dulski P

(2005) Apatite from Durango (Mexico) – A Potential Standard for in situ Trace Element Analysis of Phosphates
Frei D, Harlov D, Dulski P & Rønsbo J

(2004) Element Partitioning between Immiscible Melts and Geochemical Anomalies in Igneous Rocks
Veksler I, Dorfman A, Dulski P & Dingwell D

(2003) Three Types of Fractionation of REY: Applications in Geology, Astrobiology, and Oceanography
Bau M & Dulski P

(2003) Lanthanide Distribution and the Tetrad Effect in Bulk Rocks and Fluorite of the Khangilay Granitic Complex (Russia)
Badanina E, Veksler I, Syritso L, Dulski P & Trumbull R

(2002) REE Characteristics of Technogenic Products of the Orlovka Ta Granite
Dolgopolova A, Dulski P, Seltmann R & Weiss D

(2002) Geochemical Characteristics of the Mantle Plume at the Eifel
Griesshaber E, Niedermann S, Schulte U, Möller P & Dulski P

(2001) Controls on Solute Concentrations, Strontium Isotopes, and Rare Earth Elements in Groundwater from the Cape Cod Aquifer, USA
Bau M, Alexander B, Brantley S, Chesley J, Dulski P & Mellott N

(2000) Estuarine Origin of the Positive La Anomaly and Super-Chondritic Y/Ho Ratio of Seawater: Evidence from Mixing Experiments
Bau M, Dulski P & Brantley S

(2000) Phosphate-Control of the Yttrium and Rare Earth Element Distribution in Precambrian Banded Iron-Formations: Evidence from a LAM-ICP-MS Study
Bau M & Dulski P

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