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All abstracts by Yvonne Roebbert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Electron Flux Controls Fractionation of U Isotopes during Bacterial Reduction of U(VI)
Brown A, Molinas M, Roebbert Y, Sato A, Abe M, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2022) Biotic Uranium Mobilization of Non-Crystalline U(IV) and Associated U Isotope Fractionation
Roebbert Y, Rosendahl CD, Schippers A & Weyer S

(2021) Isotopic Signature of Tetravalent Uranium Mobilization by Complexation or Oxidation
Roebbert Y, Rosendahl CD, Brown A, Schippers A, Bernier-Latmani R & Weyer S

(2021) Reduction of U(VI)-citrate by Whole Microbial Cells and Pure Enzymes: What Controls U Isotope Signatures?
Brown A, Molinas M, Roebbert Y, Sato A, Abe M, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2020) The Role of Uranium Speciation in its Isotopic Fractionation
Bernier-Latmani R, Brown A, Pan Z, Faisova R, Sato A, Roebbert Y, Vitova T, Mazzanti M, Abe M & Weyer S

(2020) Environmental Stability of U(V) and its Isotopic Signature in Magnetite
Pan Z, Roebbert Y, Beck A, Vitova T, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2019) Mechanistic Insights into U(VI) Reduction and the Associated Uranium Isotopic Fractionation
Bartova B, Brown A, Molinas M, Pan Z, Lagrange T, Faizova R, Mazzanti M, Schacherl B, Beck A, Vitova T, Kvashnina K, Roebbert Y, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2019) Mobilization of Non-Crystalline U(IV) by Complexation with Organic Ligands Generates U Isotope Fractionation
Roebbert Y, Schippers A, Bernier-Latmani R & Weyer S

(2019) Uranium Speciation Impacts Isotope Signatures Arising from Microbial U(VI) Reduction
Brown A, Molinas M, Roebbert Y, Faizova R, Mazzanti M, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2017) Fe and Cu Isotope Fractionation in Acidic Mine Tailings: Modification and Application of a Sequential Extraction Method
Roebbert Y, Rabe K, Lazarov M, Schippers A, Dold B & Weyer S

(2016) 238U/235U Fractionation during U(VI) Reduction by Synthetic Magnetite
Loreggian L, Roebbert Y, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2015) Mechanism of Uranium Reduction and Immobilization in Desulfovibrio vulgaris Biofilms
Stylo M, Neubert N, Roebbert Y, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2015) Elucidating the Role of Non-Crystalline U(IV) in Uranium Roll-Front Formation
Bhattacharyya A, Campbell K, Roebbert Y, Weyer S, Bernier-Latmani R & Borch T

(2015) 238U/235U Fractionation during U(VI) Reduction by Synthetic Magnetite
Loreggian L, Roebbert Y, Bernier-Latmani R & Weyer S

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