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All abstracts by Jagos Radovic in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Reversing Flow of Carbon Back to the Geosphere. Scaled Organic Carbon Engineering – Feasible or Fantasy?
Radovic J, Silva R & Larter S

(2019) Geoengineering the Carbon Cycles in the Ocean
Larter S, Radovic J, Silva R & De la Fuente J

(2019) The Future of Petroleum Resources: From Fuels to Electricity?
Radovic J, Novotnik B, Venkatesan S, Thangadurai V, Strous M & Larter S

(2017) The 1979 Ixtoc-I Oil Spill Revisited
Radovic J, Lincoln S, Silva R, Jaggi A, Romero I, Schwing P, Larson R, Brooks G, Freeman K, Hollander D, Larter S & Oldenburg T

(2016) Multiproxy Characterization of Sedimentary Biomarker Archives Using Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Radovic J, Silva R, Larter S & Oldenburg T

(2015) FTICR-MS – Towards Reaction Systems Models in Petroleum Geochemistry
Oldenburg TBP, Silva RC, Radovic J, Snowdon RW, Gonzalez-Arismendi GP, Brown M & Larter SR

(2015) Comprehensive Screening of Geochemical Proxies Using RADAR Mode FTICR-MS
Radovic J, Silva R, Oldenburg T & Larter S

(2015) High-Resolution Geochemical Characterization of Ombrotrophic Peat Bogs from Northern Alberta
Gonzalez-Arismendi G, Huang H, Weerawardhena P, Silva RC, Snowdon RW, Radovic J, Larter SR & Oldenburg TBP

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