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All abstracts by Owen Duckworth in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Strontium Isotopes and Metal(loid)s Variations in Global Phosphate Ores
Vengosh A, Wang Z, Williams G, Hill R, Dwyer G, Duckworth O, Gatiboni L, Schnug E, Sun Y, Bol R, El-Hasan T, Haneklaus S, Bahadir AM, Singh A & Shrivastava A

(2021) Fate of Hexavalent Chromium in a Multicomponent System
Balogun FO, Aiken M, Namayandeh A, Duckworth O & Polizzotto M

(2020) Effects of Compost on PFAS Uptake by Lettuce
Li Y, Zhi Y, Broome S, Knappe D & Duckworth O

(2019) Cryptic Iron Cycling in Biogenic Iron Oxide Deposits
Rieb E, Whitaker A, Henson J, Amor M, Pena J & Duckworth O

(2018) Sediment Manganese Oxide Content as an Indicator of Groundwater Arsenic Pollution Potential
Polizzotto M, Gillispie E & Duckworth O

(2018) Biotic and Abiotic Contributions to the Reduction of Environmental Bacteriogenic Fe-Oxides at Circumneutral pH
Rieb E, Koeneke M, Whitaker A & Duckworth O

(2017) Assessing Mycogenic Manganese Oxides Reactivity
Uster B, Duckworth O, Henson J, Mitchell E, Sombers L & Pena J

(2017) Structure and Sorption Reactivity of Biogenic Iron Oxides
Whitaker A, Sowers T, Thompson A, Peak D, Michel M & Duckworth O

(2015) Mn(II) Oxidation and Remediation in Polluted Environments
Santelli C, Chaput D, Hansel C, Burgos W, Duckworth O & Gardner T

(2014) Mobilization and Bioaccumulation of Trace Elements from Coal Fly Ash
Rivera N, Duckworth O, Buchwalter D, Scheibener S & Hesterberg D

(2014) Manganese Near-Surface Repartitioning and Delivery to Groundwater in North Carolina
Polizzotto M, Gillispie E, Austin R, Rivera N, Abraham J, Wang S, Bolich R, Bradley P, Duckworth O, Amoozegar A & Hesterberg D

(2014) Siderophore Production by Mn-Oxidizing Fungi
Andrews M, Holmstr√∂m S, Santelli C & Duckworth O

(2012) Trace Metal Complexation and Dissolution by the Triscatecholate Siderophore Protochelin
Duckworth O, Harrington J, Akafia M, Bargar J, Jarzecki A, Roberts J & Sombers L

(2012) Solubilization of Trace Elements from Coal Fly Ash in Relation to Chemical Speciation
Kaur N, Hesterberg D, Duckworth O, Buchwalter D & Ward C

(2010) The Structure and Reactivity of Cobalt-Siderophore Complexes
Duckworth O, Bi Y, Jarzecki A & Bargar J

(2009) Synergistic Effects of Siderophores and Small Organics at Manganese Oxide Surfaces
Duckworth O & Saal L

(2008) Sorption of Iron from Siderophore Complexes by Mn Oxides
Duckworth O, Bargar J & Sposito G

(2005) Formation of Manganese-Desferrioaxime B Complexes by Dissolution of Manganese Oxides
Duckworth O & Sposito G

(2005) Nucleation and Growth of Manganese Oxide Films
Martin S, Jun Y, Kendall T & Duckworth O

(2001) Hematite Dissolution Promoted by Carboxylate Ligands
Martin ST, Duckworth OW & Samson SD

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