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All abstracts by Ana-Catalina Plesa in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Production of H2 on Mars Through Radiolysis and Implications for Habitability
Tarnas J, Mustard J, Sherwood Lollar B, Bramble M, Cannon K, Plesa A-C & Plumbo A

(2017) Early Differentiation and Dynamic Evolution of Mars – The Geodynamical Approach
Breuer D, Plesa A-C, Grott M, Tosi N, Maurice M & Ruedas T

(2017) Cooling, Crystallization and Overturn of the Lunar Mantle
Schwinger S, Nikolaou A, Plesa A-C & Breuer D

(2017) Consequences of a Hemispheric Dichotomy in Crustal Structure on the Thermal Evolution of Mars
Thiriet M, Michaut C, Breuer D & Plesa A-C

(2015) Evolution and Consequences of Magma Ocean Solidification
Maurice M, Tosi N, Plesa A-C & Breuer D