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All abstracts by Alexander Nemchin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Isotopic Modelling of Archean Crustal Evolution from Comagmatic Zircon--Apatite Pairs
Gillespie J, Kinny P, Kirkland C, Martin L, Nemchin A, Cavosie AJ & Hasterok D

(2019) Apatite Inclusions in Eoarchaean Zircon: Imaging and Analysis
Kinny P, Nemchin A, Martin L, Cavosie A, Jeon H, Kirkland C & Whitehouse M

(2019) Towards Achieving More Precise in situ Sr Isotope Measurements for Apatite: A Battle with Interferences
Jeon H, Whitehouse M & Nemchin A

(2019) Stable Zr Isotope Insights into Magmatic Processes throughout Earths History
Inglis E, Moynier F, Bizzaro M, Connelly J & Nemchin A

(2017) Tracing the Sources of Lunar Volcanism with Pb Isotopes
Snape J, Nemchin A, Bellucci J & Whitehouse M

(2017) Chronology of the Lunar Magma Ocean
Nemchin A, Snape J & Whitehouse M

(2017) Halogen and Cl Isotope Compositions of Martian Phosphates: Implications for Surface Chemistry and Bulk Mars
Bellucci J, Whitehouse M, John T, Nemchin A & Snape J

(2016) Impacts in the Lunar Highlands: Shocked Zircon from Apollo 16
Joy K, Snape J, Nemchin A, Whitehouse M & Vishnyakov V

(2016) The Magmatic Evolution of the Moon as Recorded by Pb Isotopes
Snape J, Nemchin A, Bellucci J, Whitehouse M, Tart├Ęse R, Barnes J, Anand M, Crawford I & Joy K

(2016) Pb Isotope Evolution in the Martian Mantle
Belluccci J, Nemchin A, Whitehouse M & Snape J

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