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All abstracts by José M. Mogollon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Natural Variability of Geochemical Conditions, Biogeochemical Processes and Element Fluxes in Sediments of the Eastern CCZ, Pacific Ocean
Volz J, Mogollón J, Geibert W, Martínez Arbizu P, Koschinksy A & Kasten S

(2017) Estimating Future Nitrogen Fertilizer Use in Global Croplands
Mogollón JM, Lassaletta L, Beusen A & Bouwman A(

(2017) Forms and Seasonal Variability of Nutrient Loading to Global River Networks over the 20th Century
Vilmin L, Beusen AHW, Mogollón JM & Bouwman AF

(2017) Changing Regional Phosphorus Reserves in Soils Under Cropland in Relation to Food Production for Different Future Scenarios
Beusen A, Mogollón J & Bouwman L

(2017) Instructing Physics, Chemistry, and Biology via Environmental Science Projects for Diploma Program Students
Mogollón JM

(2017) Drivers of Iron Cycling in Sediments of the sub-Antarctic Island South Georgia
Kirschenmann E, Henkel S, Mogollón J, Fischer D, Kuhn G, Torres M, Bohrmann G & Kasten S

(2017) Impact of Phosphate and Silicate on the Stability and Environmental Fate of Iron Oxides
Kraal P, van Genuchten C, Abdilla B, Dzade N & Mogollón J

(2016) A Global Look at Contemporary Hypoxia in Shelf Systems
Mogollón JM, Beusen A, Middelburg JJ & Bouwman AF

(2015) Exploring Spatial and Temporal Changes of the Yangtze River Nutrient Sources, Biogeochemistry and Exports to East China Sea
Liu X, Bouwman AF, Beusen AHW & Mogollon JM

(2015) Evaluating Biogeochemical Transformations in Freshwater Systems along a Drainage Basin
Mogollón JM, Beusen A & Bouwman L

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