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All abstracts by Henrik Drake in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Trace Element Incorporation in Barite Under Natural Environmental Conditions – Implications for the Long Term Safety of Radioactive Waste Repositories
Kirchner F, Kutzschbach M, Drake H & Neumann T

(2021) Veins and Fracture Coatings Linked to Tectonic Events by in situ Rb-Sr LA-ICP-MS/MS Dating
Tillberg M, Drake H, Zack T & Hogmalm J

(2021) LA-ICP-MS Analysis of Trace and Rare Earth Elements in Carbonate Fracture Fillings from Granitoid Rocks (Sweden)
Kusturica A, van Laaten N, Drake H & Schäfer T

(2020) Dating Biosignatures in Fracture Habitats of the Deep Igneous Rock-Hosted Biosphere
Tillberg M, Drake H, Roberts N, Zack T, Ivarsson M, Heim C & Whitehouse M

(2020) Anaerobic Fungi Linked to Ancient Methanogenesis at Great Depth in the Siljan Impact Structure, Sweden
Drake H, Ivarsson M, Heim C, Bengtson S, Belivanova V & Whitehouse M

(2020) Molecular Signatures from Kerogens Preserved in 3.42 Ga Microbial Mats (Buck Reef Chert, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa)
Reinhardt M, Thiel V, Drake H, Goetz W & Reitner J

(2019) Combined Structural, Elemental and Isotopic Characterisation of Calcite Fracture-Fill Mineralisation
Roberts N, Lee J, Walker R, Drake H & Rushton J

(2018) Development of Superheavy δ34S Values in Paleozoic Pyrite Detected by SIMS Microanalysis and Ion Imaging
Drake H, Whitehouse M, Heim C, Reiners P, Tillberg M & Hogmalm J

(2017) Dating Faults with U-Pb Calcite Petrochronology
Roberts NMW, Walker RJ, Imber J, Haslam RB & Drake H

(2017) In situ Rb-Sr Dating of Fault and Fracture Zone Minerals Resolving Multi-Stage Deformation History
Tillberg M, Drake H, Zack T, Hogmalm J & Åström M

(2017) Detecting Intermittent Events of Microbial Activity in the Subsurface Using Microscale Stable Isotope Analysis and Radiometric Dating
Drake H, Whitehouse M, Zack T, Roberts N, Heim C, Broman C & Åström M

(2017) Iron Speciation and Valence in the Upper 1 km of Fractured Crystalline Bedrock on the Baltic Shield
Yu C, Drake H, Dideriksen K, Frandsen C & Åström M

(2016) Anaerobic Fungi at Great Depth in Fractured Granite
Drake H, Ivarsson M, Siljeström S, Whitehouse M & Åström M

(2015) Extreme Isotope Variation of Microbe-Related Minerals at Great Depth in Fractured Granite
Drake H, Whitehouse M & Åström M

(2013) Tracing Episodic Microbial Oxidation of Biogenic Methane Deep in Fractured Granite Using δ13C<sub>calcite</sub>
Drake H, Heim C, Åström M & Whitehouse M

(2013) High Cesium Concentrations in Groundwater in a Coastal Granitoidic Fracture Network
Mathurin F, Drake H, Kalinowski B & Åström M

(2013) Cerium Sequestration in Fractures in the Upper Kilometer of Granitoids, SE, Sweden
Yu C, Drake H, Åström M & Mathurin F

(2013) Fluoride in Groundwaters of Regolith and Bedrock (0-900 Meters Depth) in a Granitoidic Setting, SE Sweden
Berger T, Mathurin F, Drake H & Åström M

(2011) Geochemical Variation of Fracture Carbonates in Crystalline Bedrock
Maskenskaya O, Drake H, Peltola P & Åström M

(2011) Oxidative Weathering of Black Shale: A Long-Term Humidity Cell Test
Yu C, Åström M, Peltola P & Drake H

(2011) Geochemical Correlations of Low-Temperature Calcite and Groundwater in Subsurface Granite Fractures
Drake H, Tullborg E-L & Åström M

(2011) Studies of Near Surface Redox Transitions in Crystalline Rocks in Sweden and Greenland
Tullborg E-L, Drake H, Suksi J & Smellie J

(2011) Fluoride Patterns in a Boreal Stream Influenced by Bedrock and Hydrology
Berger T, Peltola P, Drake H & Åström M

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