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All abstracts by Besim Dragovic in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) The Chronology of Dehydration
Baxter E, Dragovic B & Caddick M

(2012) Constraining Dehydration Rates during Regional Metamorphism, Townshend Dam, Vermont, U.S.A
Dragovic B, Gatewood M, Baxter E, Stowell H, Hirsch D & Bloom R

(2012) Determining Garnet Crystallization Kinetics from Growth Zoning and Mn-Calibrated Sm-Nd Ages at Townshend Dam, VT
Bloom R, Hirsch D, Dragovich B, Gatewood M, Baxter E & Stowell H

(2011) Accelerating Garnet Growth and Related Dehydration at Blueschist-Facies Conditions, Sifnos, Greece
Dragovic B, Baxter E & Caddick M

(2011) Causes of Pulsed Mineral Growth during Metamorphism
Baxter E, Caddick M, Thompson A, Dragovic B, Pollington A & Ague J

(2010) Constraining the Duration and Rate of Garnet Growth and Dehydration during Subduction, Sifnos, Greece
Dragovic B, Mehl L, Baxter E & Selverstone J

(2009) Sm/Nd Garnet Geochronology: Higher Precision on Smaller Samples
Baxter E, Pollington A, Dragovic B, Jordan M & Inglis J

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