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All abstracts by Robert T Downs in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Mineralogical Analysis of Drilled Mudstone at Yellowknife Bay, Gale Crater, Mars
Blake D, Vaniman D, Bristow T, Bish D, Rampe E, Morris R, Treiman A, Ming D, Chipera S, Morrison S, Downs R, Farmer J, Crisp J, Achilles C & Morookian J-M

(2013) A Mineralogical Record of Metallogeny Associated with Supercontinent Assembly
Liu X-M, Hazen R, Downs R, Golden J, Grew E, Hystad G & Sverjensky D

(2013) Crystal-Chemical Analyses of Soil and Drilled Rock in Gale Crater, Mars
Morrison SM, Downs RT, Blake DF, Bish DL, Ming DW, Morris RV, Yen AS, Chipera SJ, Treiman AH, Vaniman DT, Gellert R, Achilles CN, Rampe EB, Bristow TF, Crisp JA, Sarrazin PC & Morookian JM

(2011) Mineral Evolution: What's New?
Hazen R, Downs R, Golden J, Grew E, McMillan M, Ralph J & Sverjensky D

(2010) Pressure Induced Redox Reactions in FeCO3
Lavina B, Dera P, Kim E & Downs RT

(2008) Mineralogical Coevolution of the Geo- and Biospheres
Hazen R, Papineau D, Bleeker W, Downs R, Ferry J, McCoy T, Sverjensky D & Yang H

(2006) Crystal-chemical investigation of kalsilite from San Venanzo, Italy, using single-crystal X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy
Uchida H, Downs R & Yang H

(2005) Determining Structural Chemical Formulae Using the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database
McCarthy A, Domanik K & Downs R

(2005) Teaching Mineralogy with Crystal Structure Databases and Visualization Software: A Digital Resource Collection
Ratajeski K, Mogk D & Downs R

(2003) Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Studies on Spinels from the San Carlos Volcanic Field, Arizona
Uchida H & Downs R

(2001) Ideal Pyroxene Topologies
Thompson RM, Downs RT & Lienert C

(2001) A Comparison of Procrystal and First-Principles Crystal Electron Density Distributions with Application to Understanding the Phase Changes in Pyroxenes
Downs RT, Gibbs GV, Giovanni MK, Boisen Jr. MB & Rosso KM

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