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All abstracts by Hongfei Ling in conference series: Goldschmidt

Tungsten Isotope Constraints on the Cenozoic Sulfur Cycle
Yang R, Elliott T, Chen T, Paytan A, Kemp DB, Li T, Ling H, Chen J, Hein JR, Coath C, Stubbs D & Li G

Co-evolution of Continental Weathering and Marine Redox State in the Cryogenian Interglaciation: A Case Study from South China
Wei G & Ling H

(2019) Demise of Dolomite-Aragonite Sea in the Early Cambrian Coincided with Stabilization of Oceanic Oxygenation
Wei G, Planavsky N, Tarhan L, Li D, Chen X & Ling H

(2018) Environmental Fluctuation Triggered the Cambrian Explosion?
Wei G, Planavsky N, Tarhan L, Chen X, Wei W, Li D & Ling H

(2017) A Tonian Seawater Strontium Isotope Curve
Zhou Y, Manning C, Li D, Ling H, Zhu M & Shields G

(2017) Rare Earth Elements Record of the Mid-Proterzoic (1.7-1.3 Ga) Carbonates from North China: Implications for the Seawater Redox Conditions
Li D, Wei W, Wei G & Ling H

(2016) Nitrogen and Sulphur Isotopic Records in Black Shale of the Early Cambrian: Implication for a Stratified Marine Redox Structure
Wei G, Ling H, Li D, Wei W, Chen X & Wang D

(2016) Unraveling the Evolution of Atmosphere Oxygenation from Ediacaran to Early Cambrian, Evidenced from Cr Isotope
Wei W, Ling H, Frei R, Li D, Gilleaudeau G & Wei G

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