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All abstracts by Thomas Douglas in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Landscape Change and Metal Transport in Arctic Watersheds
Liddle Broberg K, Barker A, Sullivan T, Barbato R, McInturff G, Saari S, Douglas T, Gallaher S & Smith J

(2021) Fe Speciation at the Permafrost-Active Layer Boundary
Barker A, McInturff G, Douglas T, Gallaher S & Smith J

(2019) Antimony Fate, Transport, and Remediation in Shooting Range Soils
Barker A, Douglas T & Trainor T

(2019) Biogeochemical Characteristics of Ancient Permafrost in Newly Excavated Sections of the Fox Tunnel, Alaska
Douglas T, Barker A, Gelvin A & Barbato R

(2018) Antimony Fate and Transport in Shooting Range Soils
Barker A, Douglas T & Trainor T

(2015) Attenuation of Lead and Antimony in Shooting Range Soils by Iron Amendments Using Simulated Rainwater and Soil Columns
Barker A, Douglas T & Trainor T

(2015) Dramatic Seasonality of Biogeochemical Signatures in Watersheds Underlain by Permafrost
Douglas T

(2014) Mercury Depletion, Deposition, and Re-emission in Snowpack over the Arctic Tundra and Ocean
Moore C, Obrist D, Steffen A, Staebler R, Douglas T & Nghiem S

(2013) Dramatic Seasonality of Biogeochemical Signatures in Watersheds Underlain by Continuous and Discontinuous Permafrost
Douglas T

(2012) Identity of Oxidation Products on Surface of Metallic Antimony
Majs F, Ilgen AG, Barker AJ, Douglas TA & Trainor TP

(2012) A Multiproxy Approach (87Sr/86Sr, S44Ca, S13CDIC) for Tracking Seasonal Changes in Permafrost Dynamics
Lehn GO, Jacobson AD, Douglas TA, McClelland JW, Barker AJ, Khosh MS & Holmden C

(2011) Permafrost Active Layer Dynamics Inferred from Major Element Geochemical Signatures in Six Arctic Alaskan Rivers
Douglas T, Jacobson A, McClelland J, Barker A, Khosh M & Lehn G

(2009) Interactions between Nitroaromatic (TNT) and Nitramine (RDX) Explosives and Pure Minerals
Douglas T, Walsh M, Jones A, Trainor T, McGrath C & Weiss C

(2008) Geochemical Signatures are Driven by Seasonal Flow Regimes in the Chena River Near Fairbanks, Alaska
Douglas T, Blum J, Keller K, Guo L & Cai Y

(2008) Isotopic Evidence for Changing Sources of Mercury to the Arctic
Biswas A, Blum J, Lammers A & Douglas T

(2007) Springtime Deposition and Emission of Mercury from Arctic Snow
Johnson K, Blum J, Keeler G & Douglas T

(2007) Geochemical Interactions between Nitroaromatic (TNT) and Nitramine (RDX and HMX) Explosives and Sediments
Douglas T, Walsh M, Johnson L, McGrath C, Weiss C & Collins C

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