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All abstracts by Anthony Dosseto in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Under-Representation of Talents Among Awards in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Riches AJV, Pourret O, Ader M, Anand P, Arndt S, Bots P, Dosseto A, Li Z, Marin-Carbonne J, Middleton JL & Ngwenya B

(2021) Comparison of High-Throughput Techniques for Metals Purification and Subsequent Isotope Analyses in Modern Applications
Mahan B & Dosseto A

(2021) Strontium Isotopes in Dental Calculus as a Screening Approach to Investigate Past Human Migrations: Your (Ancient) Trash in my Treasure
Dosseto A, Weyrich L & Eisenhofer Philipona R

(2021) Investigating Boron Isotopes and FTIR as Proxies for Bushfire Severity
Lu S, Dosseto A, Lemarchand D, Dlapa P & Bradstock R

(2021) Boron Isotopes and FTIR Analysis to Determine Past Fire Occurrence in the Upper Nepean Catchment, NSW, Australia
Ryan R, Dosseto A, Lemarchand D, Dlapa P, Simkovic I & Bradstock R

(2021) Mapping the Strontium Isotope Distribution in Northern Australia
de Caritat P, Dosseto A & Dux F

(2020) The Aftermath of the Sturtian Glaciation: Reconstructing Palaeo- Seawater Chemistry and Silicate Weathering
Taylor H, Dosseto A, Farkas J, Cox G & Lamothe K

(2020) Chemical Weathering and Organic Carbon Turnover in Soil
Raines E, Norton K, Dosseto A, Hua Q, Lukens C, Deslippe J & Bellingham M

(2019) Rapid Ion Exchange Purification of Zn and Cu from Biological Matrices for Isotope Analysis via MC-ICP-MS
Mahan B, Turner S, Dosseto A, Happel S & Chung R

(2019) Deglaciation of the Cryogenian Glaciations: Intense Silicate Weathering and Large Element Fluxes in the Oceans
Taylor H, Dosseto A, Farkas J, Cox G, Kell Duivestein I, Dietzel M, Kingston A, Lorrey A, Corrick A & Shen B

(2018) Quantifying Weathering Rind Formation Rates by in situ Measurements of U-Series Disequilibria with Laser Ablation (LA) MC-ICPMS
Ma L, Dosseto A, Gaillardet J, Sak P & Brantley S

(2016) Copper Isotope Metallomics and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Enge TG, Dosseto A, Ecroyd H & Jolley D

(2016) Using Cosmogenic and U-Series Nuclides in Stream Sediment to Test Hypotheses About Mountain Landscape Evolution
Callahan R, Riebe C & Dosseto A

(2016) Investigating the Modern and Paleo-Weathering Regimes of Sedimentary Deposits Using Boron Isotopes
Ercolani C, Lemarchand D & Dosseto A

(2016) Past and Modern Weathering Conditions in the Murrumbidgee Basin (Australia)
Rothacker L, Dosseto A, Chivas A & Vigier N

(2016) Ancient Times of a Wetter Australia as Recorded by Speleothems of the Flinders Range, South Australia
Dosseto A, May J-H, Eggins S & Williams M

(2015) Tales of the Deep: Weathering at the Base of the Critical Zone
Moore O, Buss H, Dosseto A & Maher K

(2015) Weathering Regime Recorded by Boron Isotopes in Grain Size Fractions of Soil and River Sediments
Ercolani C, Lemarchand D, Voinot A, Bosia C & Dosseto A

(2014) Boron and Calcium Isotope Records of Glacial-Interglacial Weathering from River Paleochannel Sediments
Lemarchand D, Schmitt A-D & Dosseto A

(2014) Erosion, Weathering and Climate in Middle Earth
Dosseto A & Kiekebosch-Fitt E

(2013) 10Be Derived Catchment Denudation Rates from the Garhwal Himalaya
Swander Z, Dosseto A, Fink D, May J-H & Korup O

(2013) Rapid Regolith Formation over Volcanic Bedrock and Implications for Landscape Evolution
Dosseto A, Buss H & Suresh PO

(2013) U-Series Isotope Composition of Primary Minerals to Determine Regolith Production Rates on Three Different Lithologies
Menozzi D & Dosseto A

(2013) Developing the Comminution Age Technique: Isolating the Detrital Minerals
Martin A & Dosseto A

(2013) Temporal Evolution of Subduction Signatures in a Continental Back-Arc
Espanon V, Dosseto A & Chivas A

(2012) Catchment-Wide Denudation Rates from the Murrumbidgee River, Murray-Darling Basin, SE Australia, Using in situ Cosmogenic 10Be
Fujioka T, Dosseto A, Hesse P & Mifsud C

(2011) U-Series Disequilibrium in Groundwater as a Vector for U Mineralisation
Murphy M, Dosseto A, Turner S & Schaefer B

(2011) Chronology of Fluvial Incision in the Upper Ganges Inferred from in situ Cosmogenic Isotopes
Swander Z, Dosseto A, Fink D & Mifsud C

(2011) Inception! Timescale of Chemical Weathering during the Early Stages of Water-Rock Interaction
Dosseto A & Riebe C

(2010) Residence Time of River Sediments in the Ganges Alluvial Plain from U-Series Disequilibria
Chabaux F, Granet M, Stille P & Dosseto T

(2009) Long Residence Time of Sediments in Small Catchments
Dosseto A, Turner S, Chabaux F, Buss H & Brantley S

(2009) U-Series Constraints for the Rate of Bedrock-Saprolite Transformation in the Rio Icacos Watershed, Puerto Rico
Blaes E, Chabaux F, Pelt E, Dosseto A, Buss H, White A & Brantley S

(2009) Determination of Source and Transfer-Time of River Sediments in Alluvial Plain from U-Series Nuclides: Evidence from the Ganges River System
Chabaux F, Granet M, Blaes E, Dosseto T, France-Lanord C & Galy V

(2008) Thermal and Uranium-Series Isotope Constraints on the Rate and Depth of Silicic Magma Genesis
Sandiford M, Dosseto A, Turner S & Davidson J

(2008) Vegetation over Hydrologic Control of Sediment Transport over the Past 100, 000 yr
Dosseto A, Turner S, Hesse P, Maher K & Fryirs K

(2008) Rate of Spheroidal Weathering Determined by U-Series Nuclides (Rio Icacos Basin, Puerto Rico)
Chabaux F, Blaes E, Pelt E, Dosseto A, Buss H, White A & Brantley S

(2007) The Timescale of Sediment Transport in a Small Tropical Watershed
Dosseto A, Turner S, Buss H & Chabaux F

(2007) Source Depletion Versus Extent of Melting in the Tongan Sub-Arc Mantle
Caulfield J, Turner S, Dosseto A & Pearson N

(2006) The timescale of soil and saprolite production inferred from uranium-series isotopes: case study in temperate Australia
Dosseto A, Turner S & Green E

(2006) Timescales of petrogenesis in an active caldera, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
Cunningham HS, Turner SP, Dosseto A & Eggins S

(2006) The role of the Béni floodplain on the chemical weathering fluxes in the upper Madeira basin, Bolivia.
Gaillardet J, Maurice-Bourgoin L, Guyot J-L & Dosseto A

(2006) Amphibole fractionation- a constraint on the depth of arc magma evolution?
Davidson J, Dosseto T & Turner S

(2005) Understanding Radioactive Disequilibrium in River-Borne Material: Dependence on Colloid/particle Size
Dosseto A, Douglas G & Turner S

(2005) Rapid Response of Erosion to Recent Climatic Changes: New Insights from Uranium-Series
Dosseto A, Bourdon B, Gaillardet J, Allegre CJ & Filizola N

(2002) Models for Genesis of Kamchatka Arc Magmas: New Insights from U-Series
Dosseto A & Bourdon B

(2000) 238U-234U-230Th-226Ra and 235U-231Pa Radioactive Disequilibria in Volcanic Rocks from Kamchatka, Russia
Dosseto A & Bourdon B

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