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All abstracts by Haodong Liu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Dominance of MGII in Surface Ocean Benefiting from the Acquisition of Proteorhodopsin during Evolution
Liu H, Haro-Moreno JM, Wang P, Zheng Y, Rodriguez-Valera F, Tian J, Zhang X & Zhang C

(2017) Source and Preservation of Archaeal Intact Polar Lipids in the South China Sea Subsurface Sediments
Wu W, Xu Y, Hou S, Wang H, Zhao Z, Liu H, Liu W & Zhang C

(2017) Diversity and Niche Specificity of Archaea and Bacteria between Particle Attachment and Free-Living Phases in the Mariana Trench
Zhang C, Liu H & Tian J

(2017) Diverse Biological Sources of Isoprenoid GDGTs in Terrace Soils of Southwest China and Implication for Organic Proxies
Zheng F, Chen Y, Chen S, Liu H, Xie W, Phelps TJ & Zhang C

(2016) Sources of Polar GDGTs from the Deep Sediments in the South China Sea
Wu W, Zhang CL, Liu H & Colwell FS

(2016) Production of Branched Tetraether Lipids in Soil Enrichment Cultures
Chen Y, Zheng F, Chen S, Liu H & Zhang C

(2015) MG II Dominated the Archaeal Community Composition in Water Columns of the Northeastern South China Sea
Liu H, Yang C, Chen S, Wang P & Zhang C

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