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All abstracts by Ayumi Koishi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) A Multimodal in situ Approach Reveals Molecular Pathways for Manganese Substitution in Growing Calcite
Koishi A, Weeraratna C, Ahmed M, Zhu C, Nielsen Lammers L & Whittaker M

(2023) Chemical Controls on Microstructure and Swelling Change in Compacted Montmorillonite
Dong W, Koishi A, Tournassat C, Steefel CI, Zheng L, Zhu C & Gaboreau S

(2022) Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Uptake of Trace Elements during Calcite Growth
Koishi A, Whittaker M, Mills JV & Nielsen Lammers L

(2019) Control of Silicate-Fluid Interactions by Nanoporous Interfacial Systems
Wild B, Koishi A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Daval D, White C & Bourg I

(2019) Surface Hydrophobicity and Energetics at Mica-Water Interfaces
Koishi A, Lee SS, Fenter P, Fernandez-Martinez A, Michot L, Sun EW-H & Bourg I

(2018) Intrinsic Complexities of Ion Adsorption Structures at the Muscovite (001)–Brine Interface
Lee SS, Koishi A, Bourg I & Fenter P

(2018) Water and Ionic Dynamics in Amorphous Carbonates Probed by Neutron and X-Ray Scattering
Koishi A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Ruta B, Jimenez M, Poloni R, Di Tommasso D, Zontone F, Waychunas GA & Montes-Hernandez G

(2018) Surface Hydrophobicity and Properties of Interfacial Water
Koishi A, Lee SS, Fenter P, Fernandez-Martinez A, Michot L & Bourg I

(2016) Relaxation Dynamics Towards Crystallization in Amorphous Mineral Precursors
Koishi A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Ruta B, Zontone F & Jimenez-Ruiz M

(2015) Hydrogen Bond Dynamics in Amorphous Carbonate Precursors
Koishi A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Poloni R, Jimenez-Ruiz M, Montes-Hernandez G, Waychunas GA & Wallace AF

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