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All abstracts by Anton Kalmykov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Geochemical Processes of Unconventional Reservoirs Genesis in Bazhenov Formation Source Rocks: Mineral Matrix and Organic Matter Transformations Investigation
Kalmykov A, Tikhonova M, Gafurova D, Balushkina N, Kalmykov G & Bychkov A

(2021) New Data on Elements Distribution in Bazhenov Formation Rocks for Sedimentary Reconstruction and Secondary Processes Determination
Romanenko S, Fomina M, Kalmykov A, Bychkov A & Kalmykov G

(2019) Variability of Bitumen Composition and its Characteristics in Different Pore Space of Organic-Rich Rocks
Tikhonova M, Ivanova D, Kalmykov A & Kalmykov G

(2019) Geochemical Investigations of West Siberian Source Rocks: Deposition Conditions, Unconventional Reservoirs Formation, Oil Pool Research
Kalmykov A, Kalmykov G & Bychkov A

(2017) Experimental Organic Matter Maturation and Oil Formation in Unconventional Reservoirs
Kalmykov A, Bychkov A, Kalmykov G, Bugaev I & Kozlova E

(2017) Pore Space Formation Experimental Study in Result of Oil Shale Thermal Heating
Gafurova D, Korost D, Kalmykov A & Kalmykov G

(2016) Hydrocarbon Generation in High-Carbon Formations Under Hydrotermal Conditions
Kalmykov A, Bychkov A, Bugaev I, Kalmykov G, Kozlova E, Tarnopolskaya M, Popova Y & Balushkina N

(2015) Experimental Study of Kerogen Transformation at Hydrothermal Conditions (on the Example of Bazhenov Formation, West Siberia)
Kalmykov A, Bychkov A, Kalmykov G, Bugaev I & Kozlova E

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