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All abstracts by Thomas Kuhn in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Sulfide-Rich Crust-Mantle Transition Zone of Balmuccia Orogenic Massif: New Insights from Fe-S Isotope System in Sulfides
Pieterek B, Ciążela J, Tribuzio R, Matusiak-Małek M, Strauss H, Lazarov M, Weyer S, Horn I, Kuhn T & Nowak I

(2022) Metal Migration Through an Oceanic Crust-Mantle Transition Zone (ICDP OmanDP Holes CM1A and CM2B)
Marciniak D, Ciążela J, Jesus AP, Koepke J, Pieterek B, Strauss H, Lazarov M, Horn I, Kuhn T, Czupyt Z, Panczyk M, Slaby E & Prell M

(2021) Occurrences of Polymetallic Nodules in European Seas – Preliminary Results of the MINDeSEA Project
Ferreira PL, González FJ, Kuhn T, Nyberg J, Ruehlemann C, Moniz C & Magalhães V

(2019) New Challenges for Science from Exploration and Exploitation of Deep-Sea Mineral Deposits
Kuhn T

(2019) The Distribution of Mo in Mn-Fe Nodules and Crusts and Associations with the Mineral Phases
Wegorzewski A, Hein J, Grangeon S, Webb S, Kuhn T & Koschinsky A

(2019) Hydrothermal Input in Fe-Mn Crusts from Canary Islands Seamount Province: LA-ICP-MS Analyses and Fe Isotopes
Marino E, González FJ, Lunar R, Somoza L, Medialdea T, Kuhn T, Wegorzewski A & Oeser M

(2019) Exploring the Nitrogen Cycle of Lake Tanganyika from an Isotopic Perspective
Ehrenfels B, Schubert CJ, Lehmann MF, Kuhn T & Wehrli B

(2018) Mineralogical Transformations in Polymetallic Mn-Nodules Upon Burial in Sediments and the Changes in the Crystal-Chemistry of Ni, Cu, Co
Wegorzewski A, Grangeon S, Webb S & Kuhn T

(2017) Transformation of Buried Nodules Under Suboxic Conditions within Sediments of the Central Pacific
Wegorzewski A, Kuhn T & Webb S

(2017) Igneous Sulfides in Gabbros of the Lower Oceanic Crust: IODP Hole U1473A, Atlantis Bank, Southwest Indian Ridge
Ciazela J, Koepke J, Strauss H, Bender M, Pieterek B, Kuhn T, Dick H & Muszynski A

(2017) Widespread Diffusion of Oxygen from Oceanic Crust into Overlying Sediments in the NE Pacific Ocean – Early Diagenetic Consequences and Significance for Biogeochemical Cycles (RV SONNE SO240)
Kasten S, Versteegh G, Koschinsky A, Villinger H, Dohrmann I, Filsmair C, Fronzek J, Hartmann J, Kleint C, Preuss I, Ritter S & Kuhn T

(2016) Cu-Rich Serpentine at a Crust-Mantle Transition Zone – Remnants of Primary Sulfide Accumulation?
Ciazela J, Koepke J, Dick H, Muszynski A, Botcharnikov R, Kuhn T & Albrecht M

(2015) Chemical and Mineralogical Investigations of the Fine Growth Structures of Mn-Nodules from the CCZ, Pacific Ocean
Wegorzewski A & Kuhn T

(2002) Evolution of the Photosynthetic Carbon Isotope Fractionation (ep) during the Late Paleozoic
Kuhn T, Ostertag-Henning C, Joachimski M & Freeman KH

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