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All abstracts by Burkhard Kaulich in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Investigating the Lability and Carbon Complexation of Glacially-Derived Iron Particulates at the West Antarctic Peninsula
Jones R, Hawkings J, Araki T, Kazemian M, Kaulich B, Lohan M & Annett A

(2022) The Role of Carboxyl Groups in Inhibiting and Retarding Microbial Remineralisation of Organic Carbon (OC) during Adsorption with Iron (Oxyhydr)oxides
Curti L, Xiao K-Q, Babakhani P, Moore OW, Woulds C, Kazemian M, Kaulich B & Peacock CL

(2021) Investigating Nanoscale Electron Transfer Processes at the Cell Mineral Interface in Co Doped Ferrihydrite Using Geobacter sulfurreducens and a Multi-Technique Approach
Buchanan DM, Lloyd JR, Kaulich B, Newsome L, van der Laan G & Coker V

(2020) Mineral-Organic Matter Relationships in Primitive CO3 Chondrites
Bonato E, King A, Schofield P, Russell S, Kaulich B, Kazemian M, Araki T & Lee M

(2020) SXM Analysis of Nanoscale Electron Transfer Processes at the Cell-Mineral Interface in Co-bearing Fe/Mn Minerals
Buchanan D, Lloyd JR, Kaulich B, Newsome L, Mulroy D, Van der Lann G, N'Diaye A & Coker V

(2019) Occurrence of Inner-Sphere P-O-Fe Bonds on Natural Iron Oxides
Eusterhues K, Thieme J, Regier T, Araki T, Kazemian M, Kaulich B, Narvekar S, Mansfeldt T & Totsche KU

(2019) Investigating the Mechanism of Microbial Reduction of a Cobalt-Doped Asbolane System Using Scanning X-Ray Microscopy (SXM)
Buchanan DM, Lloyd JR, Kaulich B, Newsome L, Mulroy DS, van der Laan G, N'Diayne A & Coker V

(2017) A Nanoscale STXM Study of the Murchison CM2 Chondrite
Schofield P, King A, Kaulich B, Abyaneh M, Araki T & Russell S

(2016) Iron Colloid Formation during Hydrothermal Plume Dispersion
Lough A, William H, Kaulich B, Douglas C & Rachel M

(2015) Imaging the Microbe Mineral Interface during Fe(III) Reduction
Downie H, Coker V, Kaulich B, Collins R, Polya D & Lloyd J

(2015) Nanoscale Element Mapping and XANES Spectroscopy of Interplanetary Dust Particles
Flynn G, Wirick S, Keller L, Kaulich B, Araki T & Abyaneh M

(2015) I08-SXM – The Scanning X-Ray Microscopy Facility at the Diamond Light Source
Kaulich B, Abyaneh M & Araki T

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