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All abstracts by Marcel Kuypers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Offshore Transport of a Key Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria from the SUP05 Clade Sustains ‘cryptic Sulfur Cycling’ in the the Oxygen Minimum Zone of the Peru Upwelling
Callbeck C, Lavik G, Ferdelman T, Fuchs B, Gruber-Vodicka H, Hach P, Littmann S, Schoffelen N, Kalvelage T, Thomsen S, Schunck H, Löscher C, Schmitz R & Kuypers M

(2015) Nitrite Oxidation and Nitrite-Oxidisers in the OMZs: Significance and Twists
Fuessel J, Lam P, Luecker S, Yilmaz P, Spieck E, Daims H & Kuypers M

(2015) The Role of Oxygen in Biogeochemical and Microbiological Processes in OMZs
Kuypers M

(2015) Light-Dependent Aerobic Methane Oxidation Reduces Methane Emissions from Seasonally Stratified Lakes
Oswald K, Milucka J, Brand A, Littmann S, Wehrli B, Kuypers MMM & Schubert CJ

(2015) Hidden Microbial Cycling of Iron in an Archean Ocean Analogue
Berg J, Michellod D, Milucka J & Kuypers M

(2015) Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Coupled to Iron Reduction via Cycling of Sulfur
Buckner C, Ferdelman T, Kuypers M & Milucka J

(2015) Extensive Nitrogen Loss from Permeable Sediments off NW Africa
Sokoll S, Lavik G, Sommer S, Goldhammer T, Kuypers M & Holtappels M

(2015) Tracing the Impact of Uncultivated Diazotrophs on the Oceanic N and C Cycles
Kuypers M

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