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All abstracts by Olivier F. X. Donard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Tracing Antropogenic Hg Emissions in an Urban Area in Northeastern France
Estrade N, Cloquet C, Amouroux D, Tessier E, Donard O & Carignan J

(2013) (Non-?)Traditional Hg Stable Isotope Geochemistry in the Early 1920’s
Sonke J, Estrade N, Donard O & Carignan J

(2012) Hg Stables Isotopes Assessing Methylmercury Bioaccumulation, Sources, and Metabolization in the Pelagic Food Web of Lake Baikal (Russia)
Perrot V, Pastukhov M, Epov V, Amouroux D & Donard O

(2012) Coupled Ge/Si and Ge Isotope Ratios as New Geochemical Tracers of Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems: A Case Study at Loihi Seamount
Escoube R, Rouxel OJ & Donard OFX

(2011) Comparison of Mercury Bioacumulation within a Trophic-Web for Pristine and Anthropogenically Contaminated Aquatic Ecosystems
Epov V, Pastukhov M, Perrot V, Husted S, Alieva V, Amouroux D, Grebenshchikova V & Donard O

(2011) Determination of U-Th and Pb Isotope Ratios in Crude Oil, Kerogen and Asphaltenes: Potential Application for Dating Age of Expulsion of Crude Oil from the Rock Source
Sanabria G, Pécheyran C, Bérail S, Prinzhofer A & Donard OFX

(2011) ICP-MS Determination of Trace Elements in Marine Biological Samples: Comparison of Sample Preparation Procedures and Selected Digestion Methods
Epova E, Castro Georgi J & Donard O

(2010) The Role of Speciation in Geo- and Environmental Analysis: Crossing Boundaries
Donard O

(2009) Hg Isotopic Composition in Lichens: A New Tool to Monitor Air Quality and Pollution Sources
Estrade N, Carignan J & Donard OFX

(2009) Development of a Hyphenated Technique (HG-ICP-MS/HG-MC-ICP-MS) for Isotopic Study of Germanium Species
Escoube R, Epov V, Berail S, Tessier E, Amouroux D, Perrot V, Rouxel O & Donard O

(2009) Direct Determination of Uranium, Thorium and Lead Isotopes Ratios in Crude Oils by fs-LA-ICP-MS
Ricard E, Gourlan AT, Peycheran C, Prinzhofer A & Donard OFX

(2009) Speciation and Isotopic Signatures of Hg in the Lake Baikal – Angara River Food-Web
Epov V, Pastukhov M, Perrot V, Tessier E, Grebenshchikova V, Sonke J, Amouroux D & Donard O

(2009) U, Th and Pb Systematics in Petroleum Systems: First Analyzes of Petroleum Source Rocks by fs-LA-ICP-MS
Gourlan AT, Ricard E, Peycheran C, Prinzhofer A & Donard OFX

(2009) Exploring the World of High Repetition Rate Femtosecond Laser Ablation Coupled to ICPMS for Trace Element Analysis in Solids
Pecheyran C, Claverie F, Fernandez B, Ricard E, Gourlan A & Donard OFX

(2008) Mercury Isotopes Fractionation in the Alaskan Marine Environment along an Arctic/subArctic Transect
Point D, Day R, Sonke J, Vanderpol S, Donard O, Simac K, Moors A, Pugh R & Becker P

(2008) Measurement of Germanium Isotope Composition in Marine Samples by Hydride Generation Coupled to MC-ICP-MS
Rouxel O, Escoube R & Donard O

(2007) Development of the High Presicion Measurement of Mercury Species Isotopic Ratios by GC-MC-ICP-MS and its Validation with Two Other Analytical Aproaches
Epov V, Rodriguez-Gonzalez P, Sonke J, Tessier E, Amouroux D, Maurice Bourgoin L, Estrade N, Carignan J & Donard O

(2007) Non-Hydrocarbon Compounds in Oil and Gas Accumulations: Deep Influx Constrained by Noble Gases
Prinzhofer A, Dreyfus S, Donard O & Vaz Dos Santos Neto E

(2007) Mass Independent Fractionation of Hg Isotopes during Evaporation and Condensation Processes
Estrade N, Carignan J, Sonke J & Donard O

(2003) Evasion of Gasous Metal and Metalloid Species (Se, Sn, Hg, I) to the Atmosphere from European Esturies
Amouroux D, Tessier E & Donard O

(2003) Fractionation of Mercury at the Molecular Level in Tuna and Whale from World Oceans: Potential and Limits of This Novel Approach to Assess Global Mercury Cycling
Donard O, Krupp E, Pecheyran C, Amouroux D & Fitzgerald W

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