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All abstracts by Stanislav Jelavic in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Implications of Ferrihydrite Transformation for the Fate of Organic Compounds in Precambrian Iron Formations
Jelavic S, Mitchell A & Sand KKK

(2020) Kinetics of DNA Adsorption and Desorption from Goethite
Jelavić S, Quesada Sanz J, Persson P & Sand KK

(2020) Survival of Environmental DNA in Natural Environments and Implications for the Evolution of Life
Dieudonné L, Sanz JQ, Jelavić S & Sand KK

(2019) Mineral Facilitated Horizontal Gene Transfer: A New Principle for Evolution of Life?
Sand KK & Jelavic S

(2017) Mechanistic Insight into Microbial Biomineralization of Iron Oxides
Sand K, Jelavić S, Dobberschütz S, Ashby P, Marshall M, Friddle R & Deyoreo J

(2016) A Mechanistic Explanation for Preferential Binding of Iron Oxides to Natural Organic Matter: Deriving Free Energies of Binding
Sand K, Jelavic S, Dobberschutz S, Ashby P, Stipp S & DeYoreo J

(2015) Chemical Force Mapping of Clay Fractions from Sandstones
Blazanovic M, Nielsen AR, Matthiesen J, Dalby KN, Jelavic S, Hassenkam T & Stipp SLS

(2015) Electrolyte Adsorption on Chlorite: Cryogenic-XPS Reveals Competition between Cations and Anions
Jelavic S, Bovet N & Stipp SLS

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