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All abstracts by Claudio Inguaggiato in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) REE Fractionation in Hyperacid Sulphate Waters during the Gypsum Precipitation in Volcanic Hydrothermal Systems
Inguaggiato C, I├▒iguez E, Peiffer L, Kretzschmar T, Brusca L, Mora-Amador R, Ramirez C, Bellomo S, Gonzalez G & Rouwet D

(2017) Behavior of REE in Superficial Saline Waters: A Peculiar Example in South-Central Sicily
Sposito F, Censi P, Inguaggiato S, Zuddas P & Inguaggiato C

(2017) Geochemical Characterization of Dissolved Noble Gases in Thermal Springs in the Betic Cordillera (Spain)
Lix C, Zuddas P, Inguaggiato C, Guichet X & Barbier M

(2016) Geochemistry of REE in Hyperacid and Hypersaline Waters in Hydrothermal Systems
Inguaggiato C, Censi P, D'Alessandro W & Zuddas P

(2016) Zr, Hf and REE Behaviour during Halite Crystallisation
Censi P, Inguaggiato C, Zuddas P & Censi V

(2015) Water-Rock Interaction in Pantelleria Hydrothermal System (Italy). The Behaviour of Zr, Hf and REE
Inguaggiato C, Censi P, Zuddas P, Brusca L, D'Alessandro W & Pecoraino G

(2015) Zr, Hf and REE Behaviour in River Waters. A Consequence of Dissolution of Fe-Oxyhydroxides and Evaporites
Censi P, Inguaggiato C, Zuddas P, Sposito F & Inguaggiato S

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