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All abstracts by Ashleigh Hood in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Sustained High-Mg Precambrian Ocean Conditions: A Two Billion Year Hangover?
Hood A, Zhang S, Planavsky N & Wallace M

(2018) Glacial Oxygen Delivery in the Neoproterozoic: Fe Isotope Evidence
Lechte M, Wallace M, Hood A, Planavsky N, Li W, Jiang G, McColl S & Asael D

(2017) Neoproterozoic Glaciomarine Ironstones as Geochemical Proxies for Cryogenian Oceans
Lechte M, Wallace M & Hood A

(2017) Ocean Oxygenation during the Late Devonian Mass Extinction
Hood A, Wallace M & Shuster A

(2016) Integrated Geochemical-Sedimentological Tests for the Preservation of Seawater Paleo-Redox Signals in Carbonates
Hood A, Planavsky N, Wallace M, Wang X, Gueguen B, Cole D & Bellefroid E

(2015) A Sequential Leaching Method to Measuring Primary Signatures on Partially Altered Bulk Carbonates
Bellefroid E, Planavsky N, Jiang G & Hood A

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