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All abstracts by Silvia Hidalgo-Martinez in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Electrical Interactions between Cable Bacteria and Other Microbes in Marine Sediments
Geelhoed J, Trashin S, Hidalgo-Martinez S, van de Velde S, de Wael K & Meysman F

(2019) Altruistic Electrical Cooperation in Multicellular Cable Bacteria
Geerlings N, Karman C, Polerecky L, Trashin S, As K, Kienhuis M, Hidalgo-Martinez S, Vasquez-Cardenas D, Boschker H, de Wael K, Middelburg J & Meysman F

(2019) Bypassing the Redox Ladder: Cable Bacteria as Electron Sinks for Other Microbes
Vasquez Cardenas D, van de Vossenberg J, Polerecky L, Malkin SY, Hidalgo-Martinez S, Middelburg JJ, Meysman FJ & Boschker HT

(2017) Microbial Community Composition and Sulfur-Cycling in a Sediment with Electrogenic Sulfur Oxidation
Geelhoed J, van de Velde S, Hidalgo-Martinez S & Meysman F

(2017) Early Diagenesis of Arsenic in Electro-Active Sediments
van de Velde S, Burdorf LD, Callebaut I, Hidalgo-Martinez S, Gao Y & Meysman FJ

(2017) Cable Bacteria Create an FeOOH “Firewall” Against Sulphide Release from Sediments
Burdorf L, Hidalgo-Martinez S, van de Velde S & Meysman F

(2015) Long-Distance Electron Transport by Cable Bacteria in Marine Sediment: Insights from a Combined Geochemical and Metagenomic Analysis
Geelhoed J, Van de Velde S, Hidalgo-Martinez S & Meysman F

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