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All abstracts by Takahiro Hosono in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Distribution and Formation of Highly Saline Water in the Northwest Plain of AsO Caldera, South Japan
Okamura K, Hosono T, Romero-Mujalli G, Amann T & Hartmann J

(2018) Seasonal Variations of Dissolved Ge:Si Ratios in Streams from the AsO Caldera, Kyùshù, Japan
Gaspard F, Opfergelt S, Hartmann J, Hosono T & Delmelle P

(2017) Geochemical Characteristics of New Spring Water Occurred after the Kumamoto Earthquake
Hosono T, Hashimoto M, Hartmann J, Louvat P, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, Washington K, West J, Okumura A, Ide K, Sato T & Takahashi H

(2016) Time Scale Evalutation of Transitions of Chemical Weathering Reactions in Kirishima Volcanic Area, Japan
Ide K, Hosono T, Hossain S & Shimada J

(2016) Behaviour of Boron Isotopes in the Streams and Springs of AsO Caldera, Kyushu, Japan
Louvat P, Hartmann J, Hosono T, Kiyoshi I, Bouchez J & Gaillardet J

(2016) Dissolved Lithium Flux and Isotopic Composition from Weathering of an Active Volcanic System, AsO Caldera, Japan
Washington KE, West AJ, Adkins J, Paris G, Hosono T, Ide K, Boettcher M, Amann T & Hartmann J

(2015) Trans-Boundary Pb Pollution History in Japan Archipelago Deduced by Lake Sediment Core Analysis
Hosono T, Alvarez K & Kuwae M

(2015) Geochemistry of Arsenic and Other Trace Elements in a Volcanic Aquifer System of Kumamoto Area, Japan
Hossain S, Hosono T & Shimada J

(2015) Reconstruction of Heavy Element Emission Histroy from a Peat-Rich Pond in the Western Pacific Region
Tanimizu M, Kohno M, Asahara Y, Minami M & Hosono T

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