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All abstracts by Marta Gasparrini in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Tackling TSR Risk in Deeply Buried Carbonate Reservoirs: New Insights from Coupling Fluid Inclusion Study with Clumped Isotopes Δ47/U-Pb Thermochronology
Sissmann O, Gasparrini M, Renard S, Maurand N, Wenke A, Henriksen LB, Rhodes P, Gerdes A & Eiler J

(2019) In situ Carbonate U-Pb Analysis by LA-ICP-MS: From Absolute Dating to Understanding the U-Pb Partitioning in Lacustrine Systems
Montano D, Gasparrini M, Gerdes A, Albert R, Rohais S & Della Porta G

(2019) Using Carbonate and Methane Clumped Isotopes for Sedimentary Basins Analysis
Mangenot X, Chailan O, Gasparrini M, Bonifacie M, Petit A, Rouchon V & Eiler J

(2017) An Emerging Thermo-Chronometer to Resolve Longstanding Enigmas in Sedimentary Basin Analysis: D47/(U-Pb)
Mangenot X, Gasparrini M, Bonifaci M, Gerdes A & Rouchon V

(2015) Paleotemperatures and Paleofluids Recorded by Both Carbonate Clumped Isotope and Fluid Inclusion Thermometries from Calcite Cements of the Paris Basin
Mangenot X, Bonifacie M, Gasparrini M & Rouchon V

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