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All abstracts by Chuling Guo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Prediction of Ion Adsorption by Minerals Using Machine Learning Model
Chen K, Guo C, Huang S & Dang Z

(2020) Mobilization of Arsenic during Reductive Dissolution of As(V)-bearing Jarosite by a Sulfate Reducing Bacterium
Gao K, Guo C & Dang Z

(2020) Chromate Coordination on Lepidocrocite Facets Affects its Adsorption Behavior: In situ ATR-FTIR, DFT+U Methods and Theoretical Frequency Calculations
Li X, Guo C & Dang Z

(2020) Investigation of Chromate Coordination Modes and Its Transformation Behaviors on Schwertmannite Interface Under Environmental Disturbance
Dang Z, Li X & Guo C

(2019) Role of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria (SRB) in Fe and S Mineral Transformation in the AMD-Impacted Environment
Jiang M, Guo C & Dang Z

(2019) Microbial Community Variation and Interaction in AMD-Impacted Paddy Soil after pH Elevation
Guo C, Wang H, Jiang M & Dang Z

(2018) Arsenic Release in Paddy Soil during Applying Phosphate Fertilizer
Ji Y, Lu G, Guo C & Dang Z

(2018) Microbial Communities and their Role in Fe(III) Hydroxysulfate Mineral Transformations in a River Affected by Acid Mine Drainage
Bao Y, Guo C & Dang Z

(2017) Mineralization and Recrystallization of Cadmium-Doped Schwertmannite Induced by Fe(II)
Fan C, Guo C, Zeng Y, Reinfelder J, Lu G & Dang Z

(2017) The Sulfate Reducing Microbial Community Succession Under Different Electron Transfer Routes in Schwertmannite Transformation
Zeng Y, Fan C, Wang H, Guo C, Lu G, Reinfelder JR & Dang Z

(2016) Dissolution Mechnism of Schwertmannite in the Presence of Dissolved Organic Matter: Implication for Chromate Dynamic Behavior
Xie Y, Lu G, Guo C & Dang Z

(2016) Spatial Dynamics of Bacterial Community in Response to Acid Mine Drainage Pollution Gradients along the Watershed of Dabaoshan Mining Area (Southeast China)
Guo C, Bao Y, Wang H & Dang Z

(2015) Species and Distribution of Sulfur in Paddy Soil Profile Affected by Acid Mine Drainage in Dabaoshan Sulfide Mining Area, South China
Yang C, Wang H, Guo C & Dang Z

(2015) Distribution of Bacterial Communities and Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Diversity in a Paddy Soil Irrigated with Acid Mine Drainage
Wang H, Yang C, Guo C & Dang Z

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