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All abstracts by Devis Di Tommaso in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Bridging Molecular and Macroscopic Models of Solution Thermodynamics
Wang X, Clegg S & Di Tommaso D

(2019) Characterization of Mg2+ Dehydration in Aqueous Electrolyte Solution: Implications for CO2 Mineralization Technologies
Mapaye M, Uddin A, Chass G & Di Tommaso D

(2017) Detection of Posner’s Clusters during Calcium Phosphate Nucleation: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Mancardi G, Hernandez Tamargo CE, Di Tommaso D & de Leeuw N

(2014) Modelling the Effects of Salt Solutions on the Hydration of Calcium Ions
Di Tommaso D, Ruiz-Agudo E, de Leeuw N, Putnis C & Putnis A

(2013) Surface Topography Controls on Calcite Growth Kinetics: From Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Macroscopic-Scale Modelling
Wolthers M, Di Tommaso D, Du Z & de Leeuw N

(2012) Computer Simulations of Iron-Nickel Sulphides in Water
Haider S, di Tommaso D, Roldan A, Grau-Crespo R & de Leeuw N

(2011) Water Structure at the Structurally Heterogeneous Calcite Surface
Wolthers M, Di Tommaso D, Du Z & De Leeuw N

(2010) Modelling the Nucleation of Metal Carbonates: The Importance of the Hydration Shell in the Monomer Formation
Di Tommaso D & de Leeuw NH

(2010) Effect of Phosphonates on Calcite-Solution Reactions
Ruiz-Agudo E, Putnis C, Di Tommaso D, de Leeuw N & Putnis A

(2009) MeHCO3+ and MeCO3 (Me = Ca and Mg) Species in Aqueous Solution: Insights from Quantum Mechanical Calculations
Di Tommaso D & de Leeuw NH

(2008) The Onset of Calcium Carbonate Nucleation: A Computational Study
Di Tommaso D & de Leeuw N

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